05 March 2010

My RARE Encounter

Been too busy to blog lately. Oh well, I actually went to this place last week.

Reaching there wasn’t easy. 3 hours of quite a smooth ride on an asphalt road from Kota Kinabalu PLUS 2 hours of a very rough ride via a hip-breaking heavily-potholed gravel road PLUS 20 minutes of boat ride.
It was good to see some patriotism in a remote place like that.
And some beautiful thing to watch.
But it was sad to see some stupidity too though.
I mean, I wondered why they would do something like that when it is very much the same river that feed them up.
Oh well, I would rather highlight my trip with a very rare encounter of mine.
A scorpion! I’d never seen it for like ages I almost forgot we do actually have them here in Malaysia.
I guess I shouldn’t really have bothered to take the risk of bringing this all the way from Vietnam.
Not the Chivas laa. The other one. I could have been caught at the custom check and if I was lucky enough, I could be sent to Ho Lao Prison for it.
Oh well, at least it has that additional thing behind it. But we do have cobras here in Malaysia too right? :-D


Anonymous said...

[b]Globalsat EM-408 SiRF Star III (USB)[/b]


kenwooi said...

lol.. reminds me of scorpion king! =P


chegu carol said...

wahh ko bawa dr hanoi? duii...

JIPP said...

ya Carol. Utk hiasan sja. hehe. Kenwooi, I was thinking of the same thing. :-D

aud said...

Snake and scorpion wine kah that? Lucky you to get through.

JIPP said...

ya. I was lucky. They usually don't allow it. :-)


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