25 March 2010

Finally Raining!

This part of the region had been undergoing a very long dry & hot season. The sun felt so much closer to Sandakan than it had always been. Seriously, I don’t remember the world being so hot. The grasses were turning grey and there were fire everywhere.
The intensity of heat had turned my room into an oven hence the infrequent blog posts as I’d rather spend my time roaming any of those air-cond supermarkets. Ohh, and being on the outside under the burning sun was not a good idea either and hence the lack of blogging materials.
But just the day before yesterday, I returned from KL with good news to welcome me. Sandakan had been raining for 2 days in a row. And true enough, I was on the road yesterday when I ran into a heavy downpour. It was actually very heavy our visual range was limited to the extent that we had to slow very very down.
Oh well, the coming of rain is surely a big halleluiah to everybody. But I know what's gonna come later: ayooooooooooooo!!! It's raining again kaahhhhhh??????? @#$%^&*&^%!!

You see, if I were God, I could never understand human. How can I ever make you people happy?


aud said...

Ooohh send some rain over to KK!! It's still roasting hot here.

kenwooi said...

hail the rain! =D

JIPP said...

ya,, hail the rain! Hehe. Aud, i'm sure it's gonna go there soon..


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