11 February 2010

Hello HANOI!

It wasn’t a good first hello for me by the Jet Star. First this.

Then they tried to take my ‘baby’ away from me when I was at the security check. I had to run back to the check-in counter only to be told that I needed to pay some 250,000 dongs to have it checked in. Gosh. It didn't even cost me that much when I bought her!(sorry dear). Apparently, one of my panda looks had worked on the counter lady and she let it in FOC. But not before she said"OK dear. I'll let it in but I wouldn't guarantee it would make its way to Hanoi safely, OK?". I just gave her a panda thank-you nod. :-D
And taking a low-budget airline domestic flight in Vietnam can be both daunting and amusing. You’d expect it to be full of orang kampung Vietnamese. I was one of the first passengers to the boarding entrance and before I knew I was already pushed far off to the back. Seriously, Vietnamese people DON’T queue up.
Then I realized, WHY IS EVERYBODY WEARING jacket?
A macabre realization suddenly struck on me. How I forgot, Hanoi is totally in a different weather zone from HCMC and I only had a thin red T-shirt on me. Mistake.
For that distance, it takes more than 2-hour (against weather zone!) for most aircrafts to reach Hanoi from Ho Chi Minh City. There really was nothing much to do especially when the in-flight magazine was all in Vietnamese.*sigh
And I don’t know if I ordered this out of hunger or boredom. More likely the latter. LOL! 
Oh well, how I wished I had known earlier that tapau-ed meals could be brought in.
Getting out of the flight, it was quite foggy and cold but quite bearable. 20˚C is not that cold anyway.
Out of the terminal, I was expecting the same experience I went through back in HCMC but no. It was hassle-free. As I have come to discover later, Hanoi is far more well-arranged in just about everything than it is in HCMC. 250,000 dongs for a taxi and 74,000 dongs (4USD) for minibus. I took the minibus. They’d sardine you up to maximize the number of passengers but I had no problem with it.  
I liked Hanoi almost instantly when I arrived there. I was so excited I was ready to jump off the minivan and hit into the streets right away.
But first, I needed to recharge. I had to cover Hanoi in one single day the next day.


kenwooi said...

20 degrees is definitely not cold! it's like the best weather to stay in! haha.. and tapao food.. lol.. that's interesting.. =P


aud said...

hahaha..okay. now we know we can tapau food onboard ;P

JIPP said...

yup yup. It is allowed but I don't know if it only applies in Vietnam. :-)


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