12 February 2010

Discovering HANOI My Way

HANOI as the capital city of Vietnam really is a very fascinating city to cover of foot I actually found myself jumping on my feet and muttering OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG.

With a fine slightly cold weather and beautiful architectures, I felt like I was thrown back to Europe. Seriously, Hanoi is full of beautiful streets and buildings. A combination of French and Buddhism has really made Hanoi utterly outstanding. Some of the areas are so heavily French I felt like I was being thrown back to Paris.
Every street is tagged with a red banner.
There are still peddlers everywhere. I call them the Vietnamese ambassadors – together with the motorists. Somehow, they seem to be a part of the beauty of Hanoi.
And I’ve never seen flowers being sold as much as it is in Hanoi. They seem to be everywhere.
I started my Hanoi tour by walking off to the Ho Hoan Kiem Lake.
Hoan Kiem Lake in the morning is majestic. With the morning mist is just about to lift up from its surface; it really is a postcard picture. I couldn’t help but noticing the presence of many elderly coming to this lake to just sit down and actually doing nothing.
But with a view like this right down my nose, I don’t mind being one of them.
And some of them came here to do their daily exercise. Believe me, Hanoi people are SO OBSESSED of staying in shape and looking good which is probably just why obesity is not something that you’d see quite commonly here.
In fact, all the tourists that I met agreed to it. No wonder a mobile weight scale can actually make good money in Hanoi. They like to check their weight every now and then.
Do not get offended but this is how they greet you with a good morning.
Kidding. Sculptures of different shapes and symbolism make up for a better landscape.
Which of course, I had no way of understanding most of them. Didn’t I say, I don’t really understand art?
And I really thought this one here was one of them.
On one side of the Lake is an ancient temple.
Some entrance fee applies but it’s worth it.
Why not when I could have a photo of me like this?
Ohh, and there is this golden turtle they put inside a special casing at the temple.
It must have some legendary significance to Ho Hoan Kiem because it is featured in some of the scenes at the water puppet show I then attended on my last day in Hanoi.


kenwooi said...

thanks for sharing your experiences in hanoi.. quite nice.. and the prison reminds me of kilmainham gaol in dublin.. =)


aud said...

Yeay Hanoi update!

(i) At first I thought one of the sculptures was rather vulgar.

(ii)The beer is served from a jug like that?

(iii) Other than Pho Bo, any other item on the menu?

JIPP said...

No probs Kenwooi. I'd love to check out Kilmainham gaol someday then. Aud, there do have it in bottles but the locals seem to prefer it in jugs. Bottles are misteriously served only to the tourists coz I hardly seen bottles on most of the tables. They've got quite a variety on the menu but somehow Pho Bho is more edile then the rest. :-D

JIPP said...

*Typo: edible than the rest

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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