26 February 2010

Halong Bay : Finally A Real Vacation in Vietnam

Travelling and vacation are two different things. I mean, travelling is more like you are on the go, moving from one place to another, something that requires you to have a pair of strong legs and an abundance of energy. My idea of having a vacation, on the other hand, is this.

Welcome to Halong Bay!

20 February 2010

I Left My Heart In Sapa

It would be my second and final day in Sapa. I woke up and rushed up to the rooftop to see what I didn’t want to miss watching – the break of dawn. With the mountains stood out over the cotton white clouds, the view was simply majestic.

17 February 2010

OMG: Sapa is Just Sooooooooooooo AMAZING!!!

SAPA is a small town located on a highland and mountainous district that’s bordering China in the northwest part of Vietnam. I had only known about it quite recently from the segment for kids in an in-flight magazine and decided to put it in the list of my travelling destinations to Vietnam. While any other mean of transportation might take you days to reach Sapa, it is most convenient to get there by train.

14 February 2010

CNY 2010: New Year, New Girlfriend?

I knew exactly where I was going to celebrate Chinese New Year this year.
Sandakan. Or Phu Jih Shih Temple to be exact.
Said to be one of the most beautiful temples in the country, I couldn’t imagine myself ushering in the new Lunar Year in any other place in Sandakan than here. Not when it could get so scenic as this.
That was taken at around 5.30 pm. Coming back later at night, it was even more beautiful.
With all the lanterns are on, the temple turns into a sparkling red and yellow – a combination of colors that is so synonym to CNY celebration.
The temple is usually closed for public at 6pm every day.
But for Chinese New Year, public is allowed to come in up until late at night which makes it quite of an opportunity for anybody. The whole temple is glowing with hundreds of luminous lanterns.
Known as the Little Hong Kong with quite a big population of Cantonese, CNY is probably the most celebrated festival in Sandakan.
And this is how they did up the roundabout at the IJM area in Mile 5.

Ahhh well, as for the V Day, I don’t really celebrate. I haven’t been in any relationship for the past three years I've even forgotten how to make the first move on a girl now. LOL! But then, I refused to be a loser. I had to find at least something to celebrate it with. Thanks God, I had this.
Panasonic Lumix LX3!
As most of you might have probably known, my camera was STOLEN on my very last day in Vietnam, together with at least 300 decently taken pictures still inside it (uhuks!).

As how it got stolen, I am still trying to figure that one out. On a day when the whole population of Hanoi seemed to go all out to celebrate the impending New Lunar Year, it was impossible to get totally out of reach from the people around. It could have been easily pick-pocketed.
And it was impossible to stay alert all the time when everybody seemed to be mushy mushy in love while I was there dwelling over how it was going to be another lonely Valentine's Day for me. :-(
Upon returning to Sabah, I promptly bought a new camera so that I wouldn’t be sorry of ever going to Vietnam at all.
It’s like a rebound or something.
Celebrating a new camera is like celebrating a new girlfriend. Or at least, that is what I want to believe.

And there is nothing more perfect for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner than here at Balin Roof Garden Bistro & Bar. After all, it was recently voted the best Bistro & Bar in Sabah Tourism Awards 2009
It offers a stunningly beautiful view of Sandakan Township from atop the roof of Nak Hotel located right in the middle of the town center.  
Ohhh, and I had almost missed the sunset when I got there.
I felt sorry for the waiters and waitresses because the have to come up this ladder every now and then just for the bills or even a glass of water.
It actually goes down to the lower section of the cafe where a more relaxing ambiance is guaranteed to the extend you can crawl your way around on the soft floor matresses.
If you're afraid of windy open air, rest assured. You have the option of descending to this lower section and still maintaining the open air.
Written as Grilled Seafood Shishkebab With Cajun Chips & Salsa on the menu, the outcome was this.
The taste was actually so good I would rather not to brush my teeth for at least a few days so that the tastefulness of it would remain in my mouth for a long long time.
Oh well. Can’t you see it YET? This whole entry is actually trying to tell you nothing more than one thing - that I have a new camera! And I like, I like, I like!

Hehe. Happy Chinese New Year everyone! And Happy Valentine’s Day to those who celebrate it. :-)

12 February 2010

Discovering HANOI My Way

HANOI as the capital city of Vietnam really is a very fascinating city to cover of foot I actually found myself jumping on my feet and muttering OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG.

With a fine slightly cold weather and beautiful architectures, I felt like I was thrown back to Europe. Seriously, Hanoi is full of beautiful streets and buildings. A combination of French and Buddhism has really made Hanoi utterly outstanding. Some of the areas are so heavily French I felt like I was being thrown back to Paris.

11 February 2010

08 February 2010

My LAST DAY in HCMC: War Remnants Museum and Reuninothing Palace

It would be my last day in HCMC. I knew it was going to involve a lot of photo-shooting and cam-whoring so I only had this for breakfast (if you know what I mean).
First up was the War Remnants Museum. I had to cover quite a number of places in one day so I decided to ‘defy death’ by riding on a bike. If you want know how crazy it was, check out this video here.

07 February 2010

My Evening WALK in Saigon

All I had for lunch at the Chu Chi was MC Tapioca Donald. I was going to have to do a long walk to some places that evening so I needed to get fully-recharged. For that, I took this for my late lunch.
Then I started my evening walk. Peddlers like this are so commonly seen all over Saigon.

06 February 2010

05 February 2010

ho hO HO HO Chi Minh City!

I started off with my trip to Vietnam by getting on an early flight from Kota Kinabalu to Kuala Lumpur's LCCT.
Then I had at least 4 hours to kill before my next flight to Ho Chi Minh City. Luckily for me, there was Starbucks.

03 February 2010

Opps! You Forgot to Lock the Door, Madame.

I think the instruction here could not be mistaken.
I went to the toilet on my KK-bound flight today and opened the door to find somebody was in the middle of doing her business. I am not sure if I was more suprised than she was.
I mean, what the hell? I had to keep my head low to avoid any eye-contact with her. I didn't want her to be embarrased.
But I could not avoid it when I had to queue up for the immigration check.
And true enough, she flushing all over when I happened to see her, and she to me.

Kidding. She was lucky. I couldn't recognize her. But seriously, you should always check if you have locked the door properly EVERY TIME.
OK?Cheers! :-)


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