12 January 2010

Woking : When My Mouth Goes Numb

Woking is quite a large English town located in the west of Surrey, England and 37km south west of Central London. Feeling my mouth getting too numb after more than one week through my trip to Britain, I put some effort in walking some 5 km to the train station before taking a train from Guildford all the way to Woking.
Just imagine, with a lot of walking involved, I didn’t go there for this.
And not even for this.
Or this famous building in the middle of Woking town.
I almost passed out trying to find what I was there for.
Oh well. Let’s cut right to the chest. Despite being a popular shopping destination in England, I actually went there for this.
Maggie Noodle. Believe me, there’s nothing you want more badly than our local Malaysian food when you travel to Europe. And Maggie noodle is the closest to our local food that you can find around. Not to mention the cheapest.
I'd never been more happier to find packs of Maggie noodle ever before.


Lizeewong said...

wow..they have maggie in uk too??? hehehe...I know the feeling..like you've just found a lost treasure ;)

JIPP said...

yaa Liz.. of all the things that I could hardly tolerate about in the UK, my longing for Msian food was the worse. Luckily I found Maggie at a supermarket owned by an Indian. Goshh, it tasted sooo good there. hehe.


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