29 January 2010

See-Through Holes: A Short Blogpost from Vietnam

Toilets(again) at the domestic flights terminal of Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh City had got me quite amused. 
For one thing, they don't have any water tab inside the toilet rooms.

You gotta get a grab of toilet paper at the main entrance. The last time I wiped my ass off with a toilet paper WITHOUT water was at a bar in England and it got unbearably itchy for more than a week.
The door swings so close to the toilet seat it’d take quite of an effort to wheel you bag in.
Then, on top of it, they’ve got see-through holes all over the partition walls of the toilet room. And I had not realized it until I had done my business. :-0
Every toilet room has them (I checked).
Oh well, I wonder if one can be so curious of other people’s sizes. :-D


kenwooi said...

this is weird.. and kinda disgusting too.. lol.. i cant stand dirty toilets.. but if i have to go, i'll go.. =P


YeinJee said...

That's freaky.

aud said...

What are those holes for? I hope they don't have it in the ladies.

JIPP said...

Hehe. I didn't check on the ladies.


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