21 January 2010


A large envelope was delivered to me a few days before New Year. Inside it was this 2010 calendar. 

Errrrr, they should have waited until I had children but it's OK. A free calendar always makes me happy. And there was this – a 2010 diary handbook!

Thanks Prudential, I got instantly reminded that I AM COVERED. It brought some kind of relief in me AGAIN. And of course, I want to be reminded of it all the time from now on.

Ohhh, and they also put this in as a souvenir! How kind....

Ok. That was a lie. My boss bought it for me when he went to Perth recently. :-P

My job requires me to travel a lot. Well, at least I know what to do and who to contact just in case something happens to me. *touch wood.

What about you? Are you 'covered'?

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