24 January 2010

PARIS : My Silly Videos

I’ve been taking photos like crazy for the past few months if not years. There are just too many of them that my laptop is actually running out of space. Sooner or later, I’m gonna have to get rid of them. SO, just wanna post in some silly videos that I took while I was in Paris before I delete them entirely out of the system.

[Don’t mind the silly cam-whoring in the last few seconds of each the clips. And the Sabah-Malay narration. After all, these videos were supposedly meant to be shown to my mother only but she wasn’t even interested to watch them. All she ever said was “Putrajaya lagi lawa laaaaaa…”. Haha. Okey laa]

My silly video #1: Recorded when I was taking a boat ride along the Seine River. This was taken around 8.30pm and it was still bright. Good thing about coming to Europe in spring is the longer day. Sunset is around 9pm. So, you’ve got plenty of time to walk around.

My silly video #2 : Recorded under the Eiffel Tower. These ball-juggling kids really know how to make money out of their talent. At least, they are nothing like those Croatian beggars with “DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH?” placards who’d keep asking you for money in touristy areas all over Paris. Errrr, I thought 1st World Countries don't have beggars..?
My silly video #3: Recorded when I went to the fountain display at the Chateau de Versailles. I wish I was at a better spot where I could view the display in a better angle. You gotta stay around long enough at the Chateau if you wanna watch the show. In fact, they do it when it is nearing the closing time(around 5pm I think).
My silly video #4: I took when I went up the Eiffel Tower.
I think French women have a thing about escalators that makes them horny. The giggling sounds they made... They are like straight out from a French porn movie. Errrr, may be it was only me. :-P


kenwooi said...

so niceee... 9pm sunset during spring?? oh i totally went during the wrong season.. winter's sunset is like 5pm! lol..

and i didnt get to go on the cruise.. it was so damn cold at nightt!

kenwooi said...

i didnt go to versailles either.. heard it was nice there.. eiffel tower was fun! =)


aud said...

Entertaining videos (and commentary) :) !

JIPP said...

kenwooi: yup, winter days are known to be shorter than any other season. at least u get to see the snow. hehe. Versailles is great. At least we see what caused the French revolution. The palace was sucking in too much money when the French ppl were suffering. :-)
Aud: Thanks. Hehe.


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