02 January 2010

The 'Not Really Rejected' Shop in KK

So, everybody must have by now known about the latest in the list of shopping malls in KK. It’s none other than – the Sabah Suria! Well, being inside a gigantic building in one of the most strategically located areas in KK City Center, it really stands out. Dominating the building is the famous superstore Metro Jaya which I’m not a big fan of. Still, I went there for something that I had been waiting for so long to open up a branch here in Sabah. It is.. the Reject Shop!!

Finally in KK...

What took them so long..?


Lizeewong said...

wow, I'm missing a lot in KK! I love the kids section in Reject shop. Cuba ko post pics inside the shop...:)

JIPP said...

ya Lizee. U're missing a lot. Bah, nanti sa post. I'm planning to go there again this week.


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