16 January 2010


I was born into a farming family. I grew up going about farming things. But looking back now, I suddenly realized I practically haven’t done anything associated with farming for at least 15 years now!

Thanks to my trip to Thailand, the closest thing to farming that I did was then to plant a Thai Basils at the back of my house. And it was done with the full help of my mom!

I left the piece of land that I grew up working on with the family to grow nothing but overgrown grasses. The land was left unattended to let many many years to go wasted.

Now, in the year of 2009, I returned to the land to bring in changes to that. I launched what would be...... my latest project. *clapping,whistling sound

I am not going to let any more years to go wasted. *more clapping, whistling sound

This place brings back a lot of my childhood memories. There was a strong urge to keep it as it was.

But then, I am a grown-up now, and a land needs to grow things up too.

So.........I’m back into farming again. I hope everything will go well.



Pork Chop said...

farming looks pretty interesting :) all the best and sorry i didnt take much picture in penang :( u should go some day! lots of good hawker food :) cheers

JIPP said...

Hello PC. Thanks for dropping by. Yeah, Penang is definitely in my list of Cuti2 Malaysia. Together with Kuching n Melaka. Thanks anyway. I check out the hawkers. ;-)

aneejamal said...

mau membongkak ka tu thai basil yg subur?

JIPP said...

hehe. of course...


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