03 January 2010

The Methodology of Going BALD

OK. Everybody must have known by now that I have gone HAIRLESS. Not only it was part of my plan to usher in the New Year (and decade), I also wanted to do it simply because I had never done it before.

Going bald is not as simple as I thought it was. I was first asked what ‘grade of baldness’ I wanted to do. Baffled and a bit blurred, I said ‘I am not sure what grade, but one thing I’m sure of is I want it to be slick enough it will make a good mirror for anybody’. The barber guy said, ‘oh, that one has no grade then’ and smiled reassuringly, as if it was going to be an easy task for him.

For sure, not many guys are insane enough to do it. Most bald men are FORCED TO LET GO of their hair. It is usually against their will. But what I was doing was quite the opposite. I wanted to let go of my hair.

The first thing that comes in contact with your soon-to-be-gone hair is the hair trimming machine. Always as a time-saving tool, it serves exactly the same purpose on this one. If you are having a second thought, you better decide before this thing gets its very first contact with your hair. Seriously, this things works like a giant mower over a small patch of lawn. One roll, and a big patch of your hair is gone. No mercy.

While going PUNK is probably a BIG NO-NO thing in your profession, the opportunity of getting a real image your getting punk can come into reality if you wish to. I had mine, and I didn’t like it. I would never go punk. Not in this life.

Then your image version of Wong Fei Hong from Once Upon A Time in China, minus the pony-tail.

Then a cancer patient who has just undergone a series of chemotherapy. *touch wood.

He did it in less than 10 minutes. I was amused at how fast and easy it was done. There were still stumps of hair though. Little did I know it was only the first ‘phase’ of the process. There was gonna be a second ‘phase’.

It started with the barber guy putting down some kind of milky shaving cream all over my head.

Then he started shaving my hair downwards. He seemed to do it with extra careful to make sure the razor blade wouldn’t make its way through my now softened hair scalp. He said it was important that the shaving is done to follow the hairlines so that it would not hurt me.

Having done it, he then wiped my head off with a piece of wetted towel. Logically, a dry towel can get too coherent it might hurt me.

Then, he proceeded to what would be the final phase. He put on a different shaving cream (suggested by his superior) all over my head scalp and started to shave again, this time upwards and against the hairlines. He said it was to make sure that any left hair stumps would be entirely razed off to ensure my head scalp was slick enough to be a mirror as wished.

So, here’s the final result.

And here’s the first reaction that I got from my little nephew.

It’s going to take some time before I can really get used to this new monk look of me. As for now, I’d rather stick to my cap.



chegu carol said...

Hahaha..u do look different wearing bald :)

I am my hubby's barber. Dia pun kan botak so to save him from going to the barber every two weeks, he bought the electric hair shaver and let me do it for him. But of course sa tia berani mo kasi licin lagi using razor la. Bukan tangan doctor bah nanti ada yg luka2 kulit kepala hehe

happy new year jipp!

JIPP said...

Ya la. I noticed ur hubby is quite into bald. But then, he looks ngam ba. Saya tida brapa ngam sa rasa. hehe. Happy NY jg Carol.. n ur hubby.. :-)

Anonymous said...

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