20 January 2010

Honey Sweet Cafe

Keningau (again..) now is not as it used to be. Changes have been coming in quite in a rapid pace for the past few years. Years ago, I don’t remember traffic can get this worse.
New restaurants and cafes have been springing up all over the town. But there is one place that seems to stand out among them all. Let’s me introduce to you – the Honey Sweet Café.
Well, the bistro-like façade of this café had caught my attention almost immediately when I was on my way to the Survey Hypermarket on a one lazy day. It has the looks of a modern comfy cafe that are commonly seen in Gaya Street or Lintas area in Kota Kinabalu. Blame it on my curiosity, I found myself hurtling in that very evening.
By Keningau standard, this place really is quite out of its category. I liked it almost instantly when I came in.
It has a bar at one side, ready to serve you with all kinds of drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic alike.
If your preference is an open air space like mine, then this place is nothing short of it. Although it doesn’t have the best of view, it still serves you with a perfect environment to chat and swap stories with an old friend of yours. Ohh, and it is the best spot to watch the rhythmic airborne show by millions of chirping swallow birds, something you hardly get to see anywhere else in the state.
While there seems to be quite a list of eye-catching food on the menu, I went straight to the Salads. After all, healthy diet is part of my resolution for 2010, remember?
While Salads are supposedly raw sets, the salad that was served to me seemed quite too raw I was almost set to order something else. But when I later ventured putting a spoonful into my mouth, I jolted at how good the taste was. My little nephew had this for dinner. I took one, and it wasn’t bad.
For a place like this, the price is quite reasonable. I mean, a cup of cappuccino in Sandakan and most cafes in KK like this can cost you up to RM7.00. Here, it’s RM4.90. Cheaper. (And the cup is actually bigger). That comparison applies to most other drinks and foods on the menu. Slurrrrp!
Well, just like what they do in the Upper Star, they do bring in the relaxing atmosphere here by playing the latest songs in the market. It was here I heard Adam Lambert’s first album for the very first time. Talking about being up-to-date, this place is definitely in it.
And of course, the ultimate integral part of all those things mentioned above is that, this place is covered with FREE WI-FI! What else could you ask for?


Lizeewong said...

Nice!!! Now I know where to go when I'm in Keningau hehe :)

JIPP said...

yaa Liz. ;-)

aud said...

Wow, Keningau is so happening now. Haven't been back for so long. The cafe looks good and wallet-friendly.

JIPP said...

ya Audrey.. u're missing a lot of things there.. hehe.. And this place is really wow.. I like it.. :-)

chegu carol said...

i actually had bad experience with this place. we sat on the ground floor and ordered the western menu. i dunno why but all our food that day came out totally out of the usual standard. And to add salt to the wound, the carrot juice we ordered wasnt actually carrot juice. it was sour and when i checked with them, they had the gut to bring out the boxed (BOXED!) juice that clearly stated 'mixed carrot juice' and showed to me...at that point, i didnt know whether to get angry or to laugh.

But then again, perhaps we were just the unfortunate customers that day.

JIPP said...

Owwhhh, sorry to hear that Carol. I think I remember ur posting bout that on FB. Then, they've got a lot to learn. I am quite observant when it comes to service. Luckily they didn't mess with me when I was there. Aisheh. hehe. But yes, I mean it. :-)

Anonymous said...
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