14 January 2010

BOOK: Cry Myself to Sleep by Joe Peters

I wouldn’t blog about a book if it doesn’t pin me down to my pillow for the first 5 consecutive hours, AT LEAST. No stopping. Not a single one. But this book that I bought at one of the Tesco branches in Guildford has had me glued to it for 5 consecutive days! The story was so magnetically interesting my friend had to drag me out of bed in order to make me eat. Literally.

If I were to describe the book in the status update of my facebook or twitter where the number of texts are regretfully limited, I’d put something like: It is a true story of an abused little boy who grew up into a remarkable man. After all, that is what is stated on the back of the book.

I’m glad I’m allowed to give a much longer description here in blogspot, even long enough I can even copy the whole 293 pages all in if I want. But I’m afraid my fingers are far more useful than doing just that. Instead, I’d give you this:

"Joe was only five years old when he lost his voice. Only five years old when he was first beaten by his mother and raped by her boyfriend. And only nine years old when his mother sold him to a paedophile ring.

At sixteen, Joe finally found the courage to escape and headed for Charing Cross station with no money in his pocket, no friends and nowhere to turn to. But the nightmare was far from over.

Haunted by his harrowing past, Joe′s life spiralled out of control. Living on the lonely streets of London, Joe turned down a dark path of crime and self-destruction and it seemed that he was bound for prison. Until the love of a good woman set him free...

This is the ultimate story of triumph over evil, of survival and redemption. Heartbreaking, but unbelievably inspiring, it is a testament to the unbreakable resilience of a little boy who grew up into a remarkable man. Now that he has found his voice again, Joe speaks out against child abuse and helps support and protect other children whose lives have been blighted by it".

If you’re curious to know more, go and buy a copy for yourself. If you can’t find it, I’m willing to lend you mine. Of course, some rental fee applies. Weiiiii, I bought it in England horr. What makes you think I can let you borrow it for free? Hehe. :-P

My favorite part of the book is probably when he was so disappointed with how EVERYTHING turned against his favor in England he decided to travel all over Europe in search of a better life. He was so damn broke and penniless but he just kept going, hoping from one job to another in order to discover himself and find the right track of life for him. Which he eventually did. But not without a series of painful and ill-fated encounters.

The story is so heart-wrenching I had to keep reminding myself over and over again that men are not supposed to cry.

I was quite lucky to have had bought it at that price(pic) when it is now sold at DBP4.50  on amazon.uk.co. :-D


Cornelius said...

Sorry, out of topic, but I want to find out about the "Recent Comments" widget on your sidebar.

I'm having some problems with my own widget. Since a couple of weeks ago, the "Recent Comments" on my sidebar suddenly disappeared. I thought it was only temporary in nature, so I did no do anything about it. However, it's still not working up to now. I then went to several other blogspot blogs and found that they, too, have the same problem.

It seems that your "Recent Comments" widget is still running well. Perhaps you got your widget from a different source. If possible I'd like to try it out in my blog, and if it works, I will discard the previous one permanently.

Sooo... boleh tolong kah? Where can I get the "Recent Comments" widget? Thanks.

JIPP said...

Hello Cornelius. Thanks for dropping by. I think I had encountered the same problem as you did a few months ago. I actually simply removed it and put in a new widget. I'm not sure if they were from the same source though but the one that I'm using now is from the Blogger Buster. It can easily be found currently topping the 'the most popular' list on blogspot widget list.


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