10 January 2010

AVATAR : My Double Thumbs UP!

OMG! Have you guys watched the movie AVATAR? Don’t tell me you haven’t because you are missing something BIG TIME. It really is a great movie that I couldn’t help not to blog about it. I hadn't been really impressed by any movie ever since the Lord of The Ring trilogy, but this Avatar came to me like a bomb. It was instantly reminded that movies are still relevant to my ways of entertainment - if they are as good as the Avatar. The visual effects are just unbelievably superb. If you think that Peter Jackson’s LOTR has the best visual effects, wait until you get to watch Avatar. I give my double thumbs up to its superiority in terms of technical level and incomparable animation technology.

I love Avatar more for its message on environment and nature. The big giant tree (the Hometree) that stands on the ground of where the reserve of the much sought after 20 million per kg mineral called unobtanium is believed to be in reminds me of the Mother Nature. My imaginative picture of Mother Nature has always been of a big giant tree that is symbolically turning grey because of the ongoing destruction of nature on earth. And watching the military forces mercilessly spraying it with destructive missiles is just heart-wrenching. The message did get right through to me.

If my imagination of Mature Nature is the Hometree, then my imagination of Heaven is certainly the land of Pandora. If God was to put me in Heaven (Amen), I just can’t imagine myself living among a big community of blue-skinned Na’vi with their feline (but soft inside) characteristics. Unless God turned me into one of them, and then it would be OK. Hehe. Pandora’s floating Hallelujah Mountains as described in the movie is just soooooooooooooo scenic and beautiful it really kills me to be reminded of the fact that it is just another result of Hollywood’s fictional creativity.

After watching Avatar, I am happy to announce that I’m officially Mr. James Cameron’s no. 1 fan!


chegu carol said...

kalau ada 3D cinema sini KK lagi best ni mau tingu tu Avatar..

JIPP said...

Oh ya la Carol. Sa dingar 3D lagi best.. I'll definitely do it when I go to KL..

anee said...

..uishhh..angan2 mau jd Jake ka tu..??

JIPP said...

hehe. tapi Jake the avatar ah. not the amputated. :-)


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