31 December 2010

Discovering George Town (A UNESCO World Heritage Site) on Foot

*A continuation to my previous entry: The Most Beautiful Town in Malaysia
Queensbay Mall is the biggest shopping mall in Penang.

I was glad the crowds had abated when I got there so I managed to get hold of my running gear in less than 5 minutes.

30 December 2010

George Town: The Most Beautiful Town in Malaysia

I haven’t really blogged about Penang. Oh well, I did, in a single entry but Penang is too much of great place to detail out in just one single entry.
I actually woke up in the wee hour of my very first day in Penang just to see how the local in George Town come about their daily life in the morning.

26 December 2010

Suzuki Cup 2010: Malaysian Football is SHIT and Please Prove Me Wrong Tonight

Whoever watched the Malaysian team playing against Vietnam in Suzuki Cup  semi-final would have had tought that Vietnam would, in the end, win the match.
Let's face it. Vietnam was far better than Malaysia in every aspect of football technicality.

Let me tell you about Vietnam and football.
When I was in Vietnam, whenever I told any of the locals who bothered to ask where I was from that I was from Malaysia, they'd only say two things to me.

16 December 2010

Kundasang Vacation: The Pleasant Surprises

*This is a continuation to my previous two entries, Kundasang:Discovering Further and before that Kundasang:My Highland Vacation.
After what appeared to be such a long drive, I’d finally reached the end point and it was a place called Mesilau Nature Resort.
Mensilau Nature Resort that I found out is such a beautiful place it made me wonder why it is not really known at least among the locals. I'd blame it on the lack of promo.

14 December 2010

Kundasang: Discovering Further

*This is a continuation to my previous entry: Kundasang: My Highland Vacation
I started my second day in Kundasang by driving over to the adjacent Kinabalu National Park. I had come here a few times before but I’d never really explored any further that what was offered along the main road. It has changed a lot now.

13 December 2010

Kundasang: My Highland Vacation

Singapore trip wasn't really a vacation for me. In fact it was one of the most tiresome trips that I've ever been onto so far. Craving for a real vacation, I decided to extend my holiday and this time I knew where to spend my days to get one. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Kundasang, Sabah.

10 December 2010

The Rainy Penang Bridge International Marathon

It all started when I joined a bunch of friends to the Borneo International Marathon back in 2009.
Then I pushed my butt off to join the Sepilok Nature Marathon a few months later.
The rest, as they say, is history.

02 December 2010

George Town and Penang The Pearl Island

My latest trip to a UNESCO World Heritage Site happened just a week ago when I flew all the way to Penang for the Penang Bridge International Marathon.
Known as the Pearl Island, I actually took my very glimpse of Penang Island when I was heading back to Kuala Lumpur from Phuket sometime last year. I knew somehow that I was gonna be heading there – sooner or later and I was right. :-D

22 November 2010

The Body Health Centre in Penang

Yeah yeah yeah yeah.. How can I not agree. 
If you want a healthy body, drink Carlsberg. Sure sihat (healthy) one.

17 November 2010

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

You know a place is every inch worth to visit if it is a declared UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is a list that is highly regarded as a spotlight in the tourism industry for each of the countries in which the site is located. With the selection criteria being so exhaustively comprehensive, a site or property has to be very very outstanding to even get the chance of being nominated before getting inscribed on the list.

I’ve always believed that a visit to World Heritage site is a privilege. Out of thousands of sites that have applied to be declared UNESCO World Heritage Site, only 911 properties have made it to the list so far and I’ve been so lucky because my travel trips to some parts of the world had brought me to some of them.  Check out my list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

12 November 2010

Multi-Level Marketing: The Friendship Crusher

I was on my way from work on a one fine evening when I received a phone call from a friend with whom I had not been in contact for such a long time. His voice was jubilant and enthusiastic. 
‘Hello my friend! How are you? It’s been awhile huh? I’m sorry I’ve never contacted you ever since I started dating again. I’ve been busy you know? I really wanna make it work this time. But here I am, calling you! I’ve never forgotten you my friend. What about a cup of coffee tonight?’

I okeyed, thinking how long we had not seen each other. Deep down below, I was glad that he still remembered me.

05 November 2010

The Little India of Singapore

If you have a list of places that you can’t miss going to in Singapore, you gotta make sure you’ve got Little India in the list.

03 November 2010

Pursuing for A New Place

I have come to realize how I get quite easily stressed out since recently. I might blame it on my age or probably there are just a lot of things that bother me. Then there is this issue within my family that I need to be a part of. Uhuks.

I've been stuck here in Sandakan for quite too long. Sticking to one place (and even a job) for too long is something that I'm so not used to and I probably can never be. I am the kind of persons who move out to another place when I smell an air of boredom even if it is still so remotely distant

01 November 2010

My Relative Has AIDS

I recently paid an ailing woman a visit. Already joining the little chosen group of people that has made it past 100 years old, she already has seen the world longer than most people did. She particularly mentioned my name to my sister who had visited her earlier so it wouldn't feel good not to visit her at least while she was still alive.

28 October 2010

Things About Karaokeing

I AM A KARAOKE PERSON. Ever since I was involuntarily granted the privilege of joining the glamorous MO30 club (ehem!), I have given up MOST of my not-so-frequent visits to the likes of disco and techno ‘bang-bang’ nighclubs, leaving my mean of entertainment to karaokeing and probably night bars with live band performances. I have even stopped visiting strip shows of which I sometimes took a part in. 

23 October 2010

AUS: Pointing to The World Map and Says 'I'VE Been There..'

Waking up on my very last day in the land of the down under, I actually woke up in the wee hours of the morning to do what was recommended by this Italian gentleman I briefly met at the Bondi Beach. *Confession: I really thought all Italians were six-footer! LOL!

Hitting Into The Surfers Paradise!

Oh well, as I said in the previcous entry, the epicenter of life in Golden Coast is located in a place called Surfers Paradise. Located some 20km from the hostel and Coolangatta Airport, we had to hop onto a coach to go there.

20 October 2010

The Shimmering Gold Coast!

IT wasn’t a good first hello from the Virgin Blue for me. The flight appeared to have come right across a hazardous weather that even the lady who sat next to me verified that ‘It was not normal’. Just to have that coming from the mouth of somebody who had been constantly taking flight to Sydney to visit her daughter over the years, it was just so damn scary.

15 October 2010

Rungus Traditional Long House

This is gonna be a very badly-worded entry. I've been running here and there for the last few days so my head was too occupied with a lot of thinking so this entry was more like prepared in between those runs.

Anyway... Just in case you go up north, and you are not stupid enough to think that Kudat is all about Simpang Mangayau, you should at least make some effort to drop by the famous Kudat Traditional Rungus Longhouse.

07 October 2010

The Largest Aquarium in The World

If you think the number one attraction in Sydney is the Opera House, think again. Bearing the reputation as one of the largest aquariums in the world, Sydney Aquarium is actually Sydney’s #1 attraction.
Displaying 650 species that comprise 6000 individual fish and other sea and water creatures from most of Australia’s water Habitat, it is highly favored by both local and tourists alike.

Entering the World of The Wildlife in Sydney

SO, it’d be my very last day in Sydney. I silently packed up and walked out when my Scottish roommate was still snoring (jeez, his thick Scottish accent was giving me some problem. It didn’t sound anything like William Wallance in the Braveheart AT ALL).
I had Maggie noodles for breakfast, my very first taste of beef for Maggie noodles actually. Quite too sweet for my Dusunic tongue though. LOL

03 October 2010

BONDI BEACH: I Was There...

If you don’t already know, this is actually the second part of my back-to-back entries on my lonely evening to Bondi Beach. The first part was here when I covered the other end of the walk way. Now, it I was heading towards the other end.
I couldn’t help but getting amazed by this beautiful painting on the wall that stretched along the beach of Bondi Beach and upon a closer inspection, they didn’t do it for nothing.

29 September 2010

Malaysia's Best Canopy Walkway

Guys... If you think I have told you everything about Sandakan, then you’re as wrong as I was (I tot I did. LOL). There is one place here that seems to be largely ignored by visitors to Sepilok because – oh well, if you asked me where I stayed in Sandakan and I said SEPILOK, what would be the first thing that pops up in your head?
True. Your distant relatives. Sepilok is so much asscociated with Orang Utans people tend to miss anything else.

27 September 2010

Sydney: The OMG Darling Habour

ALL I had for a help was a memory of the google map that I had IN MY MIND and I just kept walking putting my whole trust in my not-so-good sense of direction. 
My walk-trail
Somehow though, it wasn’t long before I arrived at the Darling Harbour and it was just so OHH EMMM GEEE.

24 September 2010

Sydney Powerhouse Museum: The 'Macam-Macam Ada' Museum!


I haven’t finished blogging about my trip to the down under yet. SO…….where were we? Ohhh, my last entry was about my trip to the scenic Manly Beach to where I took a cruise across the Sydney Harbour from the beautiful Circular Quay and getting back to the Harbour Square just in time to catch the sunset over the Harbour Bridge! o.O
For those of you who are new to my blog, I’d really want to recommend you to read my previous entries on my solo (and sometimes lonely huhu) tour around Sydney so that reading my next entries would be much more interesting. I can guarantee, once you’ve finished reading all the entries, you’ll feel like buying a return ticket to Sydney right away. Hehe. So….here:

20 September 2010

What Have I Achieved In Life So Far?

Today is my birthday. When I was 10, I couldn't wait to be 20, an age I assumed would grant me freedom, at least from my family. Once I reached 20, then I realized I still couldn't make all the decisions in life. My sources of income still came from my family so they still had most of the power over me. Then I looked forward to being 25. By the time I hit 25, I already had a job and my own sources of income. Still, I was struggling to keep my feet on the solid ground. Then I said to myself, may be I needed to be a 30 to get everything steadily in order in my life. Then I waited to be a 30. It's been 2 years since I hit 30, and I'm still struggling to get things in order.
I remember how the moment we finished our last paper in the SPM examination, we all went out to the soccer field and screamed 'Freedom!' at the top of the lungs and our English teacher-come-hostel warden came up to us and said "YOU WILL NEVER GET FREEDOM IN LIFE. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FREEDOM". Looking back now, he was right. There is no such thing as freedom in life. Life itself is a process of getting things in order. Life itself is a struggle. It is just the way it is. For now, I'm just trying to live it to the fullest..

19 September 2010

Mahua Waterfall: An Express Access to Nature

OK lahhh, I haven’t blogged anything about places in Sabah for quite awhile now and it doesn’t feel good especially when we’ve just celebrated Malaysia Day a few days ago. It’s like betraying my homeland or something. :-P Oh well, did you know that Sabah is actually gifted with a lot of waterfalls? There are just so many of them that you’d be surprised how you haven’t heard about most of them YET.
 Courtesy picture by Mell  

16 September 2010

Bidding Farewell to Manila

It wouldn't feel good if I didn't blog about my last day in Manila. Our flight back to KK would be sometime around 4 pm. But then, just bear in mind that the journey to Clark Airport alone would take 2 hours or so and the traffic in Manila is just so unpredictable. Putting all the things into consideration, we decided that we’d take the bus that departs from the SM Mega Mall at 12pm (we asked when we first came to Manila).

15 September 2010

Malaysia Day: Finally A Birthday Celebration

So, Malaysia has finally gathered some senses and declared 16 September whose significance to the formation of Malaysia as something to be celebrated by the whole country. 47 years had passed by, 6 Prime Ministers took turn, at least half a dozen of CMs - it is baffling to see what took THEM so long to notice how Malaysia wouldn't be as it is today if not for something that had happened exactly 47 years ago today.
Thanks to the interesting upset that had taken the Malaysian political map by storm, sparked mostly by the recent outcome in the latest General Election, Sabahan leaders seemed to have the federal noses on the other end of the rope – at least for the time being. They finally managed to push, amongst others, 16 September a nationwide public holiday - something that had come quite too late but still better than never.
For all these years, Sabahan people together with Sarawakian were forced to celebrate 31 August to commemorate the Independence Day when they were not even in the picture back in 1957.
Oh well, maybe we can say that we celebrate it for our friends in the Peninsular - in a truly 1 Malaysia spirit.

But then when we celebrate the birthday of a friend more than we celebrate ours and the friend doesn't even celebrate our birthday, there's definitely something wrong somewhere. I mean, it's not fair. They've got a big birthday party; we don't even get a picnic and don’t tell me you don’t get what I mean.
But then, I'd say, 31 August is a day to celebrate by the whole country including Sabah and Sarawak. It is the day when the then Malaya got its hard-earned Independence from the British. Only then the idea of the formation of Malaysia had come about. If they didn't get the independence, the idea of the formation might never come about in the heads of our leaders. Sabah might still be trying to mend all the pieces together and struggling to stand alone in the post-war era. May be.
So, we celebrate 31 August, we celebrate 16 September. 31 August is the birthday of the idea, 16 September is the birthday of formation. Sabah DID NOT JOIN Malaysia, it FORMED Malaysia together with Sarawak & Peninsular and Singapore. We didn't come into the house as an in-law; we built the house together to have equal rights to it. We have every right to use the kitchen, the bathroom, the toilet, the storage room, the fridge, etc. We deserve to have our own room with comfortable bed and mattresses and pillows and comforters and not just a couch to sleep on.
We even deserve the rights to what were agreed upon when we first built the house.  
We call them the basics of the formation.
Let us all celebrate the true birthday of our beloved Malaysia, the day when the country took the shape into how it is today.
Happy Malaysia Day everyone!

09 September 2010

Quaipo Market & Robinson's: Our Last Minute Detour

So problem came when we didn’t know how to go to Quaipo from the Binondo Church. The French guy DID finger point to somewhere but of course we couldn’t just walk our way off based on a less assuring finger point. After so much walking that had drained the energy out of our legs since morning, we simply didn’t want to take the risk of walking another distance only to find out we went to the wrong place.

08 September 2010

Surviving The Most Notorious Part of Manila

There’s this saying that, if you want to ‘read’ a city, go to its markets and that’s exactly what we did on our very last day in Manila. The biggest market in Manila is actually situated in a place called Divisoria. The problem is, it is also known as one of the most notorious areas in Manila.

02 September 2010

Manila : Fort Santiago, China Town and The Green Belt

So, a little bit of walk from the Manila Cathedral is another major attraction in Manila – The Fort Santiago.
And a little bit of entrance fee applies.

31 August 2010

Casa MANILA Cathedral

So….. My stupidity had brought me back to Intramuros. It was easier this time since we already knew how to go there literally.

30 August 2010

There Goes My Buka Puasa

This place is crazy.
They’ll let you pay RM18 to eat all of these...
It is a steamboat and you’re free to pick your own choices of food. Nine (9) of them altogether.
And it is not just an ordinary steamboat. The specialty lies in its broth. It’s porridge!
And always come with complimentary drink. ALWAYS.
Upon loaded into the broth, it has to be constantly stirred up to avoid the broth from ‘solidifying’ and crusting.
Oh well..
There goes my buka puasa.. Burppppp! Syukur...


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