07 January 2010

My Yearly 'Ritual' For Christmas

Before I proceed further, mind to tell you that this blog post might not be suitable for Muslims.

You know, I have my own way of making my Christmas quite exciting to celebrate every year. I make it a habit of putting all the coins that I collect from my purchasing and shopping activities into a jar that I put safely at one corner of my room.

Those are the coins that I collect from my occasional visits to KFCs, McDonalds, and Kenny Rogers, just to name a few.

By doing it, you’ll be surprised at how many coins you have actually collected all year long. There are plenty! Of course there are times when you fish out a few bucks off them to buy stuff especially when your wallet has run dry. But still, by the end of the year, there are still plentiful of them.

So, when Christmas comes, I’ll bring it back to my kampong and start counting the coins with my enthusiastic nephews and nieces. I gotta tell you, counting small changes in a big amount is FUN especially when the kids are around.

My untrusting mom is usually there to double-check. LOL!

I’ll have them grouped into RM10’s and then wrap them up.

I’ll then send them over to any grocery store. They’ll be more than happy to cash them out. Believe me; all grocery stores need small changes.

Just MAKE SURE you haven’t put any of the foreign shillings that you have probably collected from your travelling trips or the cashier would be more than happy to call you CHEATER.

With light cash now in my hands, I’ll carry them around in search of a *ngok ngok.

I’ve now got the budget amount. I’ll just need to find the right size for that amount of money. It is highly recommended that you go for the kampong ones. At least a good negotiation is quite likely to succeed. If you’re lucky, you might get one at a discounted Christmas price. If you go to any of the taukehs, you might need to kiss their ass before they give you any discount.

After all, how many times can you get to use your negotiating skill OVER A PIG?

Then I’ll bring it back to the house where a group of people would be more than happy to ‘operate’ it.

I gotta tell you, you may don’t want to let the kids see the pig WHEN IT IS STILL ALIVE. It tends to get too cute in their eyes they’ll go tantrum when they know you’re going to slaughter it.

I’ve experienced it before. One of my nephews had asked me in between his cries, “What if it is you who are being slaughtered..???” Whoa! It almost killed my happy mood.

Then comes the grilling aka BBQ part.

BBQ-ing a full size of pig is such a time-consuming task. With the intensity of heat that comes with it, all you might need is – a bucket or two of cold beer! That’s what I do because that’s when the party has really begun. While waiting for the pig to get fully-cooked, we serve ourselves with beer. Believe me, it wouldn’t get any tastier.

And the climax of the whole ritual is of course when the pig is fully cooked and is ready to be spread out on the table in the middle of hungry people. It is the time when you reward yourself for the patience of waiting for hours.

Seriously, you might want to try it. It really is fun. You should start filling up your own jar now! ;-)


ULAI said...

walawei! trus sy teringat sinalau bakas, klu di depan mata ko sdh, half-vegetarian pun hilang trus tu bos!...hehehe

ainee said...

..err..patut la tetiba jadi half vegetarian..rupanya..itu bab1 kg ka tu..sa slalu nmpk yg warna pink punya..brapa la satu ekor tu ari ko bli?

JIPP said...

rundingan mantap dpt la rm250.hehe. Babs kg laini ainee. yg merah tu yg dijual di pasar. :-) Ulai, kalo xmas x pyh half-vege. hehe.

anee said...

..wow..sesuatu yg indah sa baru nmpk..agak kesakaian saya gitu..kalu ko tia pos tu sa tetau pula tu Bab1 kali..nnt sa pikir kucing sa p belai2 kali tu..wakaka..

JIPP said...

hahaha. banyak tu di kg2 di kgau anee. itu la kau org bandar bah. mana ada chance tengok babs. hehe.


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