15 December 2009

Kota Kinabalu Bird SANCTUARY..?

I don’t know if blogging about this place is a good idea. I am not even sure if this place is worth blogging about AT ALL. I had been aware of the existence of this so-called KK Bird Sanctuary ever since I used to drive past the area to my workplace when I was still working in KK. Somehow, I kept postponing my plan to drop by until recently when I decided to... drop by. @v@

The RM 3.00 of entrance fee for local visitors might seem to be just a small change to some people but I couldn’t help but questioning the ‘worthiness’ once I got inside. I mean, why would I have to pay three bucks when the only birds that I could see around were these..?

So, they call it Kota Kinabalu Wetland Centre. Seems appealing. I was jumping on my feet with full of anticipation. But it wouldn’t be so for long.

Looking at the plentyful bird images that are drawn just about everywhere along the trail, you might expect to run into hordes of birds once you are inside the area. Well, you better spare your excitement. You might tend to see nothing than something.

My tour buddy went cynical to say that the place could make a better place for the filming location of some porn movie than a bird sanctuary. I couldn’t help but laughing out loud not because it was funny but it seemed quite true. White the scarcity of people around and the windy outdoor atmosphere, I had to agree with him! LOL!

But then, if you’re curious about how it is like being in a real mangrove area, KK Bird Sanctuary may provide you the easiest access to one of them. IT IS a mangrove area. A REAL one.

You gotta bear in mind that mangrove forests are highly inaccessible due to their thorny, wet and mostly dangerous and unsafe elements.
Here in KK Wetland Centre, making a dash across the mangrove area is made so easy with the existence of a network of wooden bridges.

And it is quite perfect for a quick (and green) getaway in the middle of KK City.
But then, you gotta go down to the ground if you want to see more of the mangrove inhabitants. Besides, it provides you with some adventure.
With the need to protect the mangrove forests from further demolished by the rapid urbanization, I gotta give some credits for their reforestation efforts here.
After all, the existence of mangrove forests along the coastal areas that were affected by the deadly 2004 tsunami had actually reduced the impact by a certain extent. It could have been worse. We do need mangrove forests.
Being disappointed by the absence of 'flying' creatures in this little tour of ours, we opted to check out what other things the mangrove forest might offer to us – the crawling ones.

But then, with the intensity of the sunlight, they all seemed to be in the hide. We were disappointed. I had almost believed I saw something inside this but when I tried to peek through it, it instantly shrank out of sight in a fraction of a second. Phew!

Thanks to this info board, at least I could assume what it was.

But not all of the crawling creatures could move as fast.

Errr, what do you call them? Unicorn seashells? I am not sure myself. What I’m sure of is that they are edible (seen them being sold in some open markets before). There were thousands of them lying in the soil so unbothered by my flashing camera.

And of course there are some that DON'T MOVE AT ALL. Ewwwww.

Some wooden tower that seemed to jot out over the whole area had caught my attention. I dared myself to go up to the top level where a breath-taking view of the wetland had got me mesmerized. It suddenly felt OK not to have seen the birds when I got to have their.. eyeview.

And this on the opposite side.
Lush green. Love it!

Bear in mind that it wouldn’t be a good idea to go up to the top level (Level 5) if you are afraid of height. Just look at how small my tour buddy was seen from the top level.
I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody come to this place to errrr, commit suicide. *touch wood.

Being a fully wooden tower (merely nut- bolted here and there), and with the help of the blowing wind at such a high elevation, I could feel it was actually rocking off a bit that I had to get a firm hold on the hand rails. Scary. But fun. No. Scary. But fun. Scary. Fun. Scary scary. Fun fun. Scary. OMG!

Is it really safe..? There was no way of telling. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have bothered to put this up.

Getting safely back to the ground, I had to half-run to return to the base. It was beginning to rain. Well, I did happen to see a bunch of birds, at last.

But then, I couldn't force myself to get excited for them. Not when they are so commonly seen all over KK. :-(

Well, while the KK Bird Sanctuary turned out to be not really a bird sanctuary for me, not like how I had imagined beforehand, what they put on the wall of their office building had still made me smile in amusement.
Well-said. We BORROW the earth from our children. It's not ours. We don't deserve to damage it. 


Murphy said...

Haha... to see the birds, you need to be there either very early morning or visit in late afternoon. there are many birds, but most are hiding in the wood. did you check out the bird hide?

to make experience interesting, u need guide who knows mangrove well to give you an interpretation walk. sadly, most tour guides don't know much about mangrove..

JIPP said...

ohh. well, thanks for the info Murphy. May be I gave up 'hoping' too soon that I didn't get to see the bird hide.


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