31 December 2009

Good Bye 2009, Welcome 2010

The year of 2009 has been an eventful one. I had my own list of New Year resolutions earlier this year, and although I haven’t really accomplished everything, I’m quite content with what I have achieved.

One of the most notable ones is probably to have picked up my gear and started travelling – something that I had always wanted to do ever since I watched The Indiana Jones Chronicles as a kid.

There was my European trip..

..and my trip to the neighboring country – Thailand.

More travelling trips are waiting in the year 2010 and I just can’t wait to be back into action again.

2009 had seen me conquer the majestic Mount Kinabalu for the third time.

Unlike the first two climbs when I was closely guarded and restricted by elder people (I was way too young to say NO), I let myself took full charge this time. I spent as much time as possible savoring the beauty of the mountainous views and adamantly took almost half-an hour at the peak.

Used to be a big fan of the reality show Akademi Fantasia ever since Linda Nawuwil and Felix Agus time, I decisively took a flight all the way to KL to attend one of its series of concerts(what was I thinking??).

There were things that I had never planned of doing, but I did. I ran for the Borneo International Marathon 2009 and later the Sepilok Nature Marathon in Sandakan.

I found this one quite of a new thing of interest in my life and I’m planning to do more runs in 2010. After all, I think it really is a good way of motivating myself to exercise regularly and stay healthy.

God has been good to me so far and I’m very thankful for everything He has given to me. Spiritually, I went to do something I had not done for so long time. I took some time to do what I call my spiritual trip to Kaingaran Carmel Retreat Center in Tambunan.

Well, Christianity has always been one of the things that I take very seriously in my life. I might not be a good enough Christian, but I do believe in the Holy Bible. But then, faith is something that needs to be showered every now and then. That’s what I did. I returned home feeling refreshed and spiritually rejuvenated.

Ever since I started working, what was once my best of friends has been left to dust at one corner of my room.

But still, my passion for music has never died. It has always been there and I am gonna start playing again comes 2010. I hope I can even save up some so that I can buy new and errrr, less-outdated instruments. (The latest ones sure cost me a bomb!)

My awareness for health has been taking quite a good turn in the past few years. I turned myself from quite of a smoker to a light smoker and later an occasional smoker. Due to my concerns for diet (say ewwww, but I do have concerns for diet), I do still smoke when I am having drinking sessions.

I tend to eat a lot if I don’t smoke and that’s where the extra pounds will start piling up and that’s gonna start worrying me. Putting it into the list, I’m gonna put a stop to that now. Yupppp, you heard me right. NO MORE CIGARETTES (not a single one?).

Not only that, I’m gonna decrease my alcohol consumption by 70%. No kidding! No more unnecessary drinking sessions.

I’m gonna stick to what I love most – adventurous (outdoor) activities and travelling. Say yes to active and healthy life!

Well, I believe I’ve been smart in 2009 (say ewwww again), but I’m gonna be smarter in 2010. That applies in all aspect of my life. Financially, I am gonna make sure my money goes only to the right causes for the right reasons. No unnecessary spending. No more of this.

And less of this.

Probably just like any other man on earth, I want to be something – A better man. A man who is responsible for his life, the kind of men that wake up early every morning, a man who looks after his family , anything that makes me a good and better person.

Then, there are things that I’d rather keep to myself. :-P
While people have different ways of showing how serious they are about doing their resolution, I have my own way of doing it. And here it is.

I go bald for the first time in my entire life! You see, I MEAN BUSINESS!

Hehe. Happy New Year everyone. And good luck with all the new resolutions of your own.


Anee said...

..wah..wah..wah..bukan lagi Santa Jipp ni..Sami Jipp suda ni geng..!..o patut lah kamu mcm sedikit byk isi..rupanya dlm proses quit ciggie pula..bah..cayo!cayo!plan byk2 jenis2 Maliau Basin/Trus Madi/Via Ferrata pasti kembali kpd size zaman Uni dlu dlu..

JIPP said...

Haha. Thank U.. akan diusahakan..

YeinJee said...

Happy New Year :)

ULAI said...

good morning jipp! may you & your family have a blessed life ahead of you! may all your hopes & dreams come true! bah, kirim salam sama tu kepala botak van diesel...hehehe

Anonymous said...
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JIPP said...

Thank U YJ. Happy New Year to you too. Ulai, happy new year. Already kirim salam.. Tai Chi master suda ni.. hehe

Lizeewong said...

You're bald??? Is this ur latest pic?? Salute la! Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR JIPP :)

JIPP said...

Hehe. Just for fun ba. Bored my with hair suddenly. Happy New Year to u too Lizee.


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