05 November 2009

My Quick Visit to Shenanigan's, Kota Kinabalu

14 years ago, I was thrown out from this place because I was an underage. I must have been so traumatized from then on that I had never set foot in that place EVER again after that. But people say if you're phobia to something, the only way to get rid of it is by doing it... And that was what I did recently - I decided to pay Shenanigan’s an exclusive visit.

Well, I knew I looked old enough because the guys at the entrance didn’t even bother to ask for my ID card this time :-(

And mind to tell you, you’ve got every reason not to come to this place because it is said to be one of the most expensive nightspots in Sabah. Well, I should agree with that. This small bottle of Heineken had cost me a staggering RM26++!#$%&#!!

With that amount of money, I can buy at least two bottles of beer of the same size PLUS the Tiger Show in Bangkok.

But again, people come to this place for many other reasons. Errrr, quite kena to the saying that if you've got it, you flaunt it. Errrr, it you’ve got money, this is just the right place to flaunt it. LOL!

Somehow, this place is hard to understand. While the dress code can scare you off at times, some people could still make their way in with this.

Apparently, some girls come to this place to survive. I saw a girl come into an erratic dance  when a guy tucked in an RM 100 note in her crevasse. It wasn't long before a friend of hers came to join her almost as excitedly. Hmmm, what a team spirit.

If I came to Shenanigan’s again anytime soon, it'd be for the group band. Mind to tell you, the band performances in Shenanigans are real superb. Singing the latest numbers in the market such as Beyonce’s Single Ladies and Lady Gaga’s Poker Face, you tend to question if they really are singing or just miming along with some played-on CDs. Seriously, it’s like coming out straight from one. I couldn't believe somebody in Sabah could actually sing that well. OK. The group's name is Brown Inc. and they are from the Philipines. Always from the Philipines.

I spent at least an hour in there before I decided to make my way out.

I went out free from the Shenanigans’ traumatic spell. Hoho!

Note: Shenanigan's is located on the ground floor of Hyatt Hotel in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.


chegu carol said...

dia bilang husband sa, kalau lelaki pigi sana, suma mo jadi pedophile bis most girls yg suka pi shen's kan under age...LOL!

anyways, ya..the only thing that i like going there is bcos they always bring in superb band that can drag even a kaki kongkang* on the dance floor.

*kaki kongkang=x pandai menari :)

JIPP said...

hehe. ya ba. sa rasa kalo perempuan kana kasi masuk2 sja. business strategy to draw more men to come. and the band.. wow, i can say there r better than the one at the Hard Rock Cafe when i went to KL recently la..


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