18 November 2009

My FAILED Island Trip

I received a phone call from a friend last week to ask if I was interested in joining him to a trip to Kaniogan Island in Beluran. After doing a quick check on my schedule, I didn’t see any reason NOT to join him. The date was set and it was today.

We started off the day by having this for breakfast. That would be enough to keep my system going until I returned to the shore.

A few days ago, I had called to ask this friend of mine to make sure he’d get a speed boat with PROPER ROOF. I was expecting it would be something like this. Or at least close to it.


The boatman went a little bit too creative by putting up a makeshift roof made of canvas paper only God knows where he stole it from. I like to think (positively)that he was doing some mobile advert for Celcom's Xpac Package but I doubted if he gets paid even a single cent for it.

Despite the forecast warning on impending thunderstorms on the East part of Sabah, we braved ourselves to go on with the trip.

I would just have to cope up with the growling engine for one and half hours though. Even my friend found it quite deafening.

Luckily I had this newly-bought gadget with me. :-P

But then, some people are born to be sound-proof.

Well, things were going pretty much smoothly. I let myself be mesmerized by the beautiful green and branchy mangrove that covers most of the east coast of Sabah.

I’ve always been a big fan of mangrove.

I was taking photos almost non-stop. It felt so good to be on the open sea again.

I was happy and this picture tells it all. :-)

But that happy face didn't last for long. Somewhere along the way, the sky was beginning to take on a nasty face. It was darkening and I could see some thick clouds looming over. Bad omen.

Later, thunderbolts were beginning to slash down among heavy downpour.

I smelled some danger. What I had in mind was – I am not married (yet) and I haven’t got any children of my own to keep my precious genes going (yet). OK, over-exaggerating. Frankly speaking, I was more worried about my health since I was going to run for the Sepilok Nature Marathon this weekend. I don’t want to spoil what I’ve been preparing for over the past few months.

Besides, I just thought it wouldn’t be wise to keep going and putting ourselves in danger for something that is not quite worth enough to die for.

We decided to return to the shore. But not before we took this photo. Proof. Proof.

We thought we were safe. But the rain just seemed so reluctant to let us go just like that. It was actually moving right after us so fast I found myself bracing for what was gonna happen later.

And finally..

That stupid cost-cutting makeshift roof did NOTHING to protect us against the rain. I couldn’t help but cursing inside. #%^&@&!! I was even bracing against the idea of throwing the boatman off-board.

I even cursed myself more for ignoring the weather forecast warning.

Still, I was glad I managed to return to the shore still in one peace. Fully-drenched but still in one piece.

I could have made a one big damn-assed plankton for thousands of hungry fish in the Sulu Sea. *Tuk! Tuk! Touch wood.Phew!

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