12 November 2009

The Cabin - The Latest Nightspot in Sandakan

OK. This blog entry is especially for all Sandakan nightclub goers. There’s a new night club in the ever-growingly popular IJM area called The Cabin.

Its spaciousness is to your advantage to mingle around, and unlike most nightclubs in Sandakan, no ladies come up to you begging for the so-called “lady’s drink”. I know, they can be a great disturbance to some people at times. But then, they gotta earn some money to survive so don’t blame ‘em. :-P

Well, with all the things that I’ve mentioned above, I’d recommend dropping by The Cabin for one thing – the live band performances. The Cabin is probably the only place in town that has a full-band to perform (apart from the so-so teenager group in Singapore Road) right now.

I wouldn’t say they perform the latest numbers in the market (which I could only assume they need some time to practice) but they do perform popular songs such as Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive and the Creed’s My Sacrifice to keep the crowds going. I even remember them closing the night with the ever evergreen Hotel California. And I’d say they are quite good. I’m telling you this because I’ve been there.

Errr, a little bit more expensive than the average at RM40 per jug but still, it's worth every penny you spend there. Ohh, and that's for beer. Other drinks - I haven't ordered any of them yet so I don't know. Well, enough said, if you happen to be in Sandakan and have no idea of where to go for a good night out, just head for The Cabin. You sure enjoy there one..

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