24 November 2009

Be A Smart Environmentalist

I was quite worried of using too much non-biodegradable material around the house. I KNOW and you know that materials such as plastic and synthetic rubber are composed of toxic chemicals that pollute earth, air and water. I believe that there’s always an alternative to those materials. Or so I thought.

So, trying to be quite of an environmentalist, I bought a feather duster as an alternative to the more widely-used synthetic dusters that can easily be found in the market.

I was happy. At least I contributed something for a better world environment no matter how small it is. :-)

I was ready to go to work this morning when I noticed that there were feathers all over the floor. Sure enough, they all had come from the feather duster. The feathers seemed to have come bizarrely unwounded from the duster handle and ended up falling down to the floor.

My closer inspection had led me to a finding that some bio-degradation process had been taking place INSIDE my room.

Apparently, that was the cause of the feathers falling off from its handle. The bio-degradation bacterial agent (must be millions of them) must have been working on it as part of a natural process.

The feather duster had been so damaged that the only place that was good enough to fit it in is inside the garbage bin.

Well, organic will always be organic and I should have known better. Taking some lesson from it, if you want to be an environmentalist, be a smart one.

OK..? Cheers!

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