29 October 2009

Westeen InterKissMyAssNet

If you happen to pass by the Kepayan Ridge shop lot area to look for a cyber cafe, avoid coming to this place AT ALL COST!

This place was set up to swindle some money out of your pocket.

I went to this place once to fulfill my itching lust for Facebook (ehem!). I came in and the girl at the counter gave me a lustrous but fishy look. She pouted her mouth seductively and murmured..

 'dua ringgit satu jam bang...' (RM2/hr).

My unsuspecting mind instructed me to pick a seat in the corner, away from a noisy bunch of kids that were playing Counter Strike or something.

I tried to log in but it kept returning to some error pop-up. When I complained to the girl at the counter, again she murmured,

 ' errrr, server memang slow sikit skrg bang.. Cuba lagi..boleh tu...'

so, having that stupidly compromising 'tida-apa-bah' Sabahan mindset in me, I murmured back

'OK bah..'.

I must have been trying to log in for at least 5 minutes when I finally gave up. I said to the girl as I headed for the exit,

'never mind. I think something is wrong with the server.'

and much to my surprise she said, not murmuring anymore but word by word saying,

'OK. You pay 1 ringgit saja la..',

I thought I misheard her..

 'What? One ringgit? I didn’t even get to log in oh'..

And she shouted at me,

'itu saya tida peduli. Yang penting ko suda duduk mesti bayar. This is a time-rated CC!'

And out of nowhere, a baddie-looking big guy with that samseng's looks sprang out with a metal broom in his hands.

'Hey, u want to pay or not? Don't make any trouble here ah!'

I told him,

'I want no trouble here but why should I pay when I didn't even get to access the internet?'...

And his voice rose as he said,

' NO No. You have to pay! It's like u ordered a coffee in a restaurant and you have to pay for that coffee!'

I shot back,

 'But why should I pay when I was only given plain water?'

and he tightened his grip on the metal broom as he came closer to me with a more ferocious look and said


Well, whether I felt threatened by the metal broom in his hands or I simply didn't want to waste more of my time arguing over ONE RINGGIT, I pushed an RM1 note to him and walked out in disgust.

I just couldn't believe how easy it is for some people to make money nowadays.. Phew!


Hombidai said...

FFS bro!! silaka..report this to the authority - pulis, MCMC, DBKK - may not even have a proper license i suppose!! this cannot be gone unnoticed..FFS!!

Lizeewong said...

I'm speechless

JIPP said...

Yeah. I wonder how much money they hv accumulated from this kind of dirty business. Reporting might be a good idea. Haven't go to it yet but may be soon. Grrrr.


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