28 October 2009

RM 340 for Phuket Aquarium

Riding a motorbike can be the most convenient mean (and the cheapest) of transportation to get around the the island of Phuket. Renting a bike is a hassle-free business. You'll just have to hand in something for which returning the bike is 100% guaranteed - your passport!

Putting my trust in my 6 years experience of riding a motorbike back in the Uni-years, we rented a bike from one of the hotel staff in which we were staying. Although I had some doubts over my obsolete riding skills, it wasn't long before I found myself roaming excitedly across the island of Phuket. It really felt good to be bike-riding on an open road again.

Well, if you expect to see those fancy and modernly accommodative gas stations like what we have here in Malaysia - you better stop looking for one. Instead, try to eagle-eye one of their painted wooden signboards with 'Petrol Sold Here' painted across them. Well, quite up to its reputation where young girls are known to obediently pour beer for you, they even pour petrol for you in Phuket.
And talking about recycling, Phuket people really know how to do it. With hundreds of pubs and bars all over Phuket, they know they’d never run out of liquor bottles.

As much as I like riding a bike, doing it on a rainy day has never been a good idea and I should have known better. That’s why they spend millions of baht to build indoor stadiums just for the Muay Thai so that they don’t have to worry about the rain.
But then, you’d never run out of places to stop by when the rain comes. There are always restaurants and cafes that serve beer along the way. After all, we were in Phuket. If you are a real drinker, you know how GOOD a beer tastes on a cold rainy day. :-D
But then, we had to PAY for riding a bike and having beer on a rainy day in Phuket. Our excitement was cut short at a sharp corner when all of a sudden the bike suddenly skidded off the road, sending us both sliding hopelessly down the slope until our weight eventually put us to a shuddering stop.
While we were both trying to gather up our minds back into sanity after the chaotic incident that we had just gone into, I was expecting that some of the passing vehicles would stop by – if not to offer some help, but at least OUT OF CURIOUSITY. While the tiniest bump-to-bump accident would draw a big audience here in Malaysia, we were amused to see that NONE of the passersby would even bother to slow down, let alone to stop by! Whoa!
We could only assume that road accidents are normal occurrences in PhuKet that they are not even worth to spend a minute checking out for. And our assumption was further solidified by the existence of so many pharmacies all over the island, offering amongst others, First Aid Ket.
So, while my travel buddy had his own share of minor injuries, I was glad I only had this.
It could have been WORSE you know.
Well, we didn’t let that little accident to jeopardize our little adventure in Phuket. We were later on the road again, riding over to a place that was every inch worth getting involved in an accident for.

It must be the biggest of its kind in all over Phuket that I could even go inside it without any problem and feel its wetness..
And gentleness..
and how it could actually work as a breeding space..
While we spent almost an hour exploring the inside, we took more pleasure exploring the outside. It was smooth..
The hills were well-shaped.
And above all, it was real tasty and yummy.
With only 200 baht (RM20) spent on renting the bike plus 90 baht (RM9) on the gas, our trip to Phuket Aquarium had been a worthwhile one. I returned to Sandakan with a big smile on my face.
I didn't know how much damage I had done to that phukebike until I received an email from the owner one week later. Attached to it was a sketch detailing out the damages resulting from my boisterousness, complete with the charges listing that would all be billed in my credit card charges.

I know I should have been gentler.. :-(

For that damn worn-out phuke bike, I had to pay a total of RM 340! Jeez..!!


chegu carol said...

glad u didnt suffer serious injuries tapi LOL to the email. Dapat juga dia cari kau ah hahahaha

JIPP said...

ya Carol. actually i was quite shocked because they could put in something in your credit card bill without even pursuing your approval! I mean, somebody thousands miles away can do that? it got me quite worried that i even called the customer service.. 'ehhh, yeahh. it is possible..' and paused. he didn't even eloborate more. when it comes to using credit card, we are obliged to put in trust to whoever we deal with.


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