24 October 2009

Experiencing 'Bekam' (Cupping Treatment)

When I was called up by a friend offering me to be one of his ‘bekam’ (cupping treatment) experimental subjects, I had some doubts. He was quite new in this traditional medical practice so I couldn’t help but feeling a little bit hesitant.But the more I gave it a thought, the more excited I became about trying it. Thinking that it might be nothing more than doing a ‘blood donation’, I decided to give it a shot.

The operation room was set up– at his place, in one of his guestrooms, visually safe from his wife’s eyes. Believe me, bekam is a ONE DIRTY BUSINESS. It is something that you wouldn't even want your best friend to see being peformed on you.

Starting with what I call the pre-suctioning part, where the cups were attached at 5 points on my upper back, it felt more like a girl giving me a pinch, probably a friendly pinch. The pain was there but I could bear it quite alright.

It lasted for about 5 minutes before he removed those things off my back. There was a relief as he did it.

The second part of the practice was to stick a super-fine needle into those points. I’d like to call it the ‘pricking’ part. To do this one, some special devise is needed. It looks almost like a ball-pen, with the needle that looks like an acupuncture prick sticking out from its central tip. I assumed this part of the practice is to provide fine incisions for all the unwanted toxic blood to be discharged through from your body.

Well, if you ever have a tattoo, it must have felt like it when you were having it done. 

The next phase was the most crucial one – and of course, the most painful. It was like the second round of suctioning, where the vacuum pressure is intensified so that the unwanted toxic blood of your body would be further sucked out. It must have felt like the pinching given by a jealousy-driven wife to her husband when he was found philandering with another girl. It was so painful I could almost visualize my distortedly wincing face like the one that I usually have on when I’m inside the toilet.

But the pain wouldn’t last. It is like going down a roller-coaster. It would gradually be abating.

But you’d be given the surprise of your life when you see how much of the filthy and toxic blood has been running inside your system all this while. You can’t even stand to see it, let alone touch it.

That is the kind of blood that keeps you down every morning and gives you headache and drowsiness every time you need to straight things out. Simply said, they are the UNWANTED. You’d be better off without them.

I had to go through the same process having four more points done up for me – 2 at the back waist, 2 on my calves. But this time, I better-prepared in handling the pain.

Each point would then be wiped dry with some antiseptic, leaving visible reddish marks on it. My friend told me it would take about 2 weeks for them to fade. For a better health, I didn't mind having those ugly marks for 2 weeks though.

Well, I’d say the effect was almost immediate. I came home feeling better and lighter. There was a little bit of dizziness but it was gone by the time I woke up the next morning. Errrr, one thing that I think is worth mentioning is that I felt quite sensitive to the air-conditioner and fans. I couldn’t stand the air-con and full-blast fans but again, it would only be lasting for a couple of days or so.

So, that was how my very first encounter with bekam treatment had turned out to be. Painful? Yes. Worthy? Yes. Yes. Wanna do it again soon? Yes. Yes. Yes. Soon.


chegu carol said...

how does he actually know that the blood is toxic? ada specific device also mau test on the blood?

JIPP said...

Errr, no devise actually. the blood that was shown to me was brownish and darker than the normal 'fresh' red blood. I was told that the cupping to be continued until fresh red blood was detected to start flowing out. But there was just too much of the brownish blood that my friend decided I had to come for another session instead of letting me losing too much blood in that my very first session of bekam. the darker the blood, the more toxic it is. that was what I was told la. :-)


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