24 September 2009

Getting Sleazy in Bangkok

On my last day in Bangkok, quite on an impulse, I took a train off to Sukhumvit – the Red District of Bangkok. It is not only a place where most of the famous night clubs are located; it is also the residing place of the King of Sins. And if you’re a fan of Manchester United (I’m not!), you should come here for this.

It’s where the fans of MU in Bangkok come together to discuss just about anything of the team like what are the average size of the players’ penises. Kidding..

The streets all over Sukhumvit might look dull and scarce during the day. Somehow, people don’t really come to this part of the city under the sun shine.
But it takes on an entirely different atmosphere when night comes.
As early as 7pm, the streets all over Sukhumvit began to get swamped with people looking for entertainment and getting a piece of what Bangkok is best known for – night life. Seriously, night life in Bangkok is nothing like any other city in the world.

I made my way to the sleaziest street in Sukhumvit and took a seat at one of the more ‘clean-looking’ pubs that I saw around. I ordered a bottle of San Mig Light and let myself be amazed by the intensity of lights and the vibrancy of the street.

The whole stretch of the street which is flanked by rows of night clubs and pubs and karaoke lounge is full of beautiful and skimpily dressed girls trying to woo the passersby in almost every way possible. They came in different ways of dressing and attention-grabbing skills.
While there was no denying that some of the visitors were there for the human-flesh trade industry, I could see that curiosity is what made most of the visitors come down this part of the city. And of course, I happened to be one of them – the curious.

I finished my beer and made my way into one of the clubs that I chose almost randomly. Buying a small bottle of beer for some 130 bahts (around RM13), I had my very first encounter of IT.
With almost a dozen of young Thai girls dancing on a stage that was set up in the middle of the room, I knew that was IT – The Tiger Show. And when we’re talking about Tiger Show, we know it is a show where you see all.

Unfortunately, a no-photos rule is strictly emphasize here. No wonder you don't see 'em anywhere in the internet. What a shame.

Watching a dozen or so girls dancing without a single cloth on is supposedly interesting for any guy. But somehow, any mean of excitement didn’t last long in me. May be partly because I knew they were doing it out of desperation for money to support their needs in life. They HAD to do it. That kind of thought was kept tugging at the back of my mind.

But I kept telling myself that it wouldn’t have made any difference if I were there or not. They would still be errrr, dancing. So, I better just enjoyed it while I was there.

I ventured going to another place called Holloywood. Unlike the first one, Hollywood serves you with more variety. Well, those kinds of kinky things you see in most porn movies – stripping, spanking, waxing etc. Some of them even went a little extreme by slamming their naked bodies down against the floor, making a loud thumping sound. Ouchhh.

Somehow, they looked more enjoyed that the girls in the first club I went in, making me feel less guilty of just being there. But again, the excitement faded away almost as instantly as it came. Having enough of it, I made my way out and back into the street.

While that was supposedly a sleazy night outing for me, my attention was caught by a little stall at one corner of the street. On a closer look, I was surprised I had finally encountered what I’d been looking for in the past 3 days of my stay in Bangkok – exotic foods!

Out of so many places in Bangkok that I’d been to so far, I found them in a place that I had least expected. I bought a handful of everything there was and brought them over to an adjacent table. With another bottle of beer to flush those deep-fried little creatures down my throat, I took some time to challenge myself into eating them. I remember having eaten those kinds of insects when I was a kid but I have to tell you, it wouldn’t be the same. Now that they were in front of me, the idea of eating them was giving me a goose bump. I wonder how Andrew Zimmern could eat them in The Bizzare Foods with Andrew Zimmern.
Well, OK. The moment of truth… I ATE THEM.

It felt even sleazier than watching the nude girls dancing..

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