24 September 2009

Bangkok's Chatuchak Weekend Market - Heaven for Shopaholics

If you have a list of must-go places in Thailand, the Chatuchak Weekend Market should be in it. Mark my word for this; it is something NOT TO BE MISSED in any of your visit to Bangkok.

I was glad I arrived in Bangkok on a weekend because Chatuchak Weekend Market is only open on weekends. Of course, the name says it all mahh..

Said to be the biggest open market in the world, Chatuchak Weekend Market offers just about everything ‘under the sun’. Seriously, with an estimated 5000 stalls all over the market, you’d find just about everything, no problem.
Be it handicrafts..
Or exotic furniture.. To the rarely-found vast collection of seashells..
And the cutest dogs for sale..
Errrr, I don’t think those puppies are for sale anyway..

But simply said, everything is there for you to choose from. You'll just need to bring a little bit of $$$$..

It is just the right place to test your armor against your shopaholic devil. I’d always believed that I had the strongest armor. But at the Chatuchak Weekend Market, I saw it loosen up and eventually crushed to bits.

I came to Bangkok with just a cabin-size backpacking bag, not expecting to bring back anything extra. Here in Chatuchak Weekend Market, I ended up buying another bag, bigger in size; ready to be stuffed in with things I couldn’t resist buying.

And buying more bags for the ladies back at home… errr, that’d be my mom and my sisters..
Being at the Chatuchak Market is not all about shopping. There are talented people everywhere, making your stroll-around there even more worthwhile.The display of art is downrightly mesmerizing that I spent more hours looking at the paintings at the art corners of the market then the hours I spent inside The Louvre in Paris!!
Seriously, there are uniquely different and looking more original to me.
It really is easy to define art when you see one. The open market is so huge it is very easy for you to get lost in the massive rows of shops and stalls. All you need is a map and probably some assistance from any of the information booths. The casually-outfitted officers would be more than happy to help you. Here, the lady was trying to tell me where I could find cheap luggage bags..
And again it is so huge that you might break your legs if you have the intention of covering the whole area of Chatuchak Weekend Market. But still, you have the option of avoiding that by taking a ride on the ‘boardway’. Errrr, some kind of open minivan. Shopping at the Chatuchak Weekend Market is all about your negotiating and bargaining skills. But some of the shops have put their prices so low that any attempt to negotiate would be a little bit ridiculous. Take this one for example. ANYTHING you buy from this shop is only 199 baths. I bought my backpacking bag from here with 199 bhats (RM20). I didn’t even dare to start a negotiation! Even one jug of beer at any of the pubs in Sandakan would cost more than that.

Well, it is very likely than not that you’ll get caught in a shopping spree without really realizing it. By the time you had bought everything, you’ll be surprised by the amount of money you’ve spent. But you’ll be more surprised when you realized you only had two hands to carry everything back to your hotel!
As the Aussies say, no worries! There are more than a dozen companies providing you with efficient delivery system to deliver all your goods back to your hotel room. They can even arrange to deliver your goods all the way to the door of your house back in Malaysia! No kidding. You might wonder why there aren’t any people smoking anywhere in the market area. Yes, the whole market area is a declared non-smoking zone. But if you really need to have a puff, you gotta find a place where all the smokers gather up to smoke without getting fined.The market authorities are smart. They know you’d be damn tired by the time you've spent hours fulfilling your lust for shopping in Chatuchak Weekend Market. All you need is a place to crash down and regain your strength. Very much adjacent to the market is a beautiful park to serve your needs for that. Despite the shopaholic atmosphere that keeps you itchy to buy more and more stuff, the Chatuchak Weekend Market is also a haven for imitated products. Well, at least they don’t try to hide it..Errrr.... ADIDOG?

Ewwww. No thanks.


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