27 September 2009

Experiencing Bangla Road

First of all, if you’re under 18, please back out. Some of the materials used in this entry might not be suitable for your age. Now, you know YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

I first heard about Bangla Road in Patong from a Siamese housemate of mine when I was still working as a site engineer in Kota Kinabalu back in 2004. He was so excited talking about it as if being in Bangla Road is like being inside a vagina or something. LOL!

Five years later, I landed in Patong on the island of Phuket and I intended to find out how exactly this Bangla Road was like in real. I spared my last night in Patong checking out what this famous street has to offer.

Bangla Road in the daytime is just like any other street in Patong – a variety of shops, crowded with people and busy traffic.

24 September 2009

Phuket - The Tropical Get-away

Even though I flew into Phuket from Bangkok on a domestic flight, I was quite surprised by the tight security checks at the airport. It was even stricter the security checks I had experienced at the Stansted Airport in London. But then again, they have every reason for doing it. Tourist spots have been the target of a series of terrorist attacks in the past few years. Even though Phuket has been spared so far but with so many tourists come to this Andaman island all year long, it is quite a likely target. Well, quite up to its reputation as a sun-basking island, my arrival in Phuket was welcome by this.

Getting Sleazy in Bangkok

On my last day in Bangkok, quite on an impulse, I took a train off to Sukhumvit – the Red District of Bangkok. It is not only a place where most of the famous night clubs are located; it is also the residing place of the King of Sins. And if you’re a fan of Manchester United (I’m not!), you should come here for this.

Bangkok's Chatuchak Weekend Market - Heaven for Shopaholics

If you have a list of must-go places in Thailand, the Chatuchak Weekend Market should be in it. Mark my word for this; it is something NOT TO BE MISSED in any of your visit to Bangkok.

I was glad I arrived in Bangkok on a weekend because Chatuchak Weekend Market is only open on weekends. Of course, the name says it all mahh..

Said to be the biggest open market in the world, Chatuchak Weekend Market offers just about everything ‘under the sun’. Seriously, with an estimated 5000 stalls all over the market, you’d find just about everything, no problem.
Be it handicrafts..

23 September 2009

Paying The Thai Royal A Visit

Upon reaching Bangkok, the first thing that really caught my attention was the presence of pictures of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej Rama IX, the King of Thailand. His pictures seem to be put up just about everywhere – in coffee shops, restaurants, hotel lobbies, everywhere. The people of Thailand really really love their King.

But somehow, it was the picture of Her Majesty the Queen of Thailand that dominated the billboards all over Bangkok during my visit. Whether born in early August was the cause of celebration, I had no idea. But there is no question that the Thai people are devoted to the Royal Family.
So much so that when the day that I had planned to pay them a visit had come, I was more than excited. OK, it wasn’t exactly like I was paying them a visit, but at least I was coming to WHERE THEY WERE STAYING – The Grand Palace, the Thai Royal residence.

16 September 2009

The Amazing Bangkok

I used to tell myself that if I were to visit any of the neighboring countries, Thailand would be the first one. So when I could see that I could slot in at least another oversea trip this year, I browsed through the Airasia.com and decisively booked a return ticket to Bangkok.

My Thailand trip turned out to be an interesting one. Errrr, not everything was in a good way anyway. Just a day before I was set to leave for Bangkok, some stupid rash had started to grow just under my nose. I knew that thing was going to spoil my close-up pictures. It was so obvious that it was impossible to take a close-up photo of me without looking like Charlie Chaplin in the Three Stooges. Even the antiseptic that was prescribed to me by a doctor friend had failed to save me from the ill-fate. Thanks to the H1N1 furore though, I could at least wear a mask to cover it without being called a paranoid geek.


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