30 July 2009

GUILDFORD - My Ideal English Town

I've been posting about my trip to Europe in my last few entries and I’m now as tired of writing them as I know you are of reading them. But before I draw the curtains down once and for all, there’s one place that I’ve particulary wanted to write about – Guildford.

Guildford is the county town of Surrey, as well as the seat for the borough of Guildford and the administrative headquarters of the South East England region. It is situated 43 km southeast of London and some 40 minutes away by train.

Staying in Guildford for most of my days in England, I had grown fond of this beautiful little town. It had fitted perfectly well with all my imagination of how a typcial little English town would look like.

26 July 2009

Exporing the Other Half of London - Expecting the Unexpected

It was going to be my second day of touring London. Unlike the first day when I had to travel all on my own, I had Nelda and her husband Mike to accompany me this time. Meeting up with the couple at the Waterloo Station, Mike had been smart by suggesting the giant clock at the centre of the station as the meeting point. “You can’t miss it”, he assured and he had been right. Despite the station being overcrowded, we managed to catch up with each other without much difficulty.

We began our tour of the day by giving my double thumb-ups, telling Mike that I was ready...

My KENT Tour

I was picked up by Nelda and her husband Mike at my boarding place in Guildford. Meeting Mike for the first time, I casually said “Hello guys..”. Apparently, it isn’t the kind of a good first-time hello to an English man who are known for their delicate and well-versed language. And his replying “Good morning” had reminded me that I was in England, not in Singapore. Oops.

Mike and Nelda were going to bring me to a number of castles across the county of Kent. They called it the ‘Kent Tour’. 

Mike is an extraordinary guy. He seems to know just about everything about the history of his country. I felt so lucky just to have him around while touring the castles that we went to. He became my impromptu tour guide.

Our first destination was the Leeds Castle. It was a castle built in the middle of a sprawling park. The park – used to be a royal park – was just the kind of royal park that had always come to my imagination when I was a little kid.


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