30 June 2009

Salisbury & Winchester Cathedrals - My Holy-Day

I spent the next two days visiting places with Nelda – a Sabahan woman from Penampang I had befriended back in high school when we were both under the Yayasan Sabah (Sabah Foundation) scholarship. She had continued her study to UK and eventurally married to an English man. Thanks to Facebook, we managed to get in contact again after almost 15 years! I was lucky to have her there.

Having been living in the UK for 15 years, I was expecting the least Malay being spoken by her. How wrong I was. She still spoke PERFECT Malay with purrrfect Sabahan slang. What do you think of those Sabahans who can’t hardly speak Sabahan when they have only spent less than a month in the Penisular? They should feel ashamed of themselves.

Nelda first took me on a ride in her spacious B&W to Salisbury Cathedral. Thanks to the small GPS tool she called Tom Tom, we could always manage to find the way without much difficulty.

25 June 2009

Touring Windsor Castle, Roman Baths and The Stonehenge

The tour package that I bought through online had brought me to the Windsor Castle, Roman Baths and the Stonehenge. I never liked the idea of doing a tour package for the fact that I’d have to adhere to the time restriction and tight schedule. Since I wanted to visit as many places as possible in one single day, I HAD to take this one. Or so I thought.

15 June 2009

London - The Day I Met Up With Mr. Big Ben

I began my London tour by disembarking myself from a train at the Waterloo Station. Minutes later, I was out in the open, breathing the air of London – one of greatest cities in the world! London is like a celebrity city. It is mentioned in magazines, newspapers, books, movies – everywhere. Now that I was actually there, it just felt so unreal that I had to convince myself again and again that I was really there!

Thanks again to the research that I did through google maps, I walked confidently off towards what I believed would be the Royal Festival Hall. And there it was, just the way I’d imagined it would be.


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