05 May 2009

The Adventure Has Begun...

I'm blogging from the Coffee Bean at LCCT while waiting for my flight to London scheduled to depart at 1 am. I took a Sandakan-KL direct flight this morning and promptly checked myself into the Tune Hotel upon arriving, before checking out again 8 hrs later. I didn't even get to rub myself against the seductive matress. Well, I'd consider it my first day of travelling on this journey and I've already got a lot of things to talk about. I'll just spare it for another time when I'm free enough to detail things out. Gotta go for the boarding now. The adventure has really begun....


chegu carol said...

Jip? LOndon???
O really??
Im so jealous!!!

Enjoy nonetheless.

Jipp said...

Hello Carol. Nice to hv u here.. :-) Well, just being part of, errr, Now Everyone Can Fly bah. hehe. But then,u also can go ba. esp now with their weak currencies. Nway, thanks. I'll enjoy it.. :-)

Amber JJJ said...

helo bro. enjoy you trip to UK k. Be careful of swine flu.. :-)


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