04 April 2009

Eurostar Tickets - Cannot Be Purchased From Malaysia

I’ve been so busy doing doing researches about London & Paris – just to make sure everything’s gonna go smoothly when I get on my trip to those two most prominent cities in Europe next month. I ran thru dozens of forums and blogs and websites just to get the best descriptions. I have to do it because I’m gonna TRAVEL ON MY OWN... Walaaa... Am I nuts? Well, I proabably am. But this has always been my dream so I’m just gonna go for it. Thanks to this marvellous ‘google map’, with it’s fantastic satellite map, it really helps. And the 3-D version, jeez, it makes me feel like I’m already there!

Those blogs and forums describe things as if everything is just so easy. None of them has actually decribed that Eurostar tickets cannot be purchased using local credit cards (those registered to Malaysian banks). Aiyooo. What la??? They are not being helpful enough. Everybody knows that London is full of museums, and Eiffel Tower is the highest standing structure in Paris but how are we gonna get there is the most important thing to know. I’m going there on a budget so getting the best deals is what I’m aiming for. I’m not among one of those filthy rich people where expenses are not a matter of concern. They say to get the best deal is by booking early. That’s what I intend to do – booking a London-Paris Eurostar return tickets but how to do it? Malaysia is not even listed in the ‘country of residence’ box. Then the contact details tagged with ‘mandatory’, meaning you have to fill it up or they’ll slap you with an ‘error’ pop-up.

Luckily my friend Nelda (thanks :-)) who is married to an English man and staying in London has come to my rescue (and thanks to Facebook for getting us back in contact). She bought it on-line from there. So, Paris, here I come!!!

Errr... Not this one punya Paris laa....

*****Nelda did some research on purchasing Eurostar tickets from Malaysia - she posted this Q&A long after I had long published this post. It goes like this...

and you what... I found this on the Q&A...

Question : My country is not listed in the drop down menu, how do I make a booking? Answer When making a booking you will be asked to select your country from a list in a drop down box.

Answer: If your country is not listed, please select your country as United Kingdom and enter your address in the blank boxes. You will then need to select to collect your tickets from the station. Tickets can be collected from the station on any day prior to departure.

anyway... we've booked it already... and we know for next time kan..

Now we know laa....


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