24 March 2009

The Road Home - Rose Tremain

This is the book that I have just finnished reading most recently. This is just the kind of stories that I like most - adventurous yet full with humanity values in it. I'm only glad that I didn't realize the author was a woman in the first place, because I had this perception of woman writers could never write books with a man as the main character in them, better then man writers do. I mean, this has always been my problem. I find it quite hard for me to buy a book written by a female author when the main characther in the book is a man. Somehow though, Sidney Sheldon is a man and he writes books mostly with female main characters and I've already bought almost a dozen of his books! Somehow I think that female authors can never know men good enough to write about them in a book. The limitation is always there. They can imagine but they can never think exactly as men do. Ahaks!

But this one, I just hope that Rose Tremain had been consulting her husband when she was writing about Lev in this book. It's a great one though.

Check out the review here : http://www.pikerpress.com/article.php?aID=3420

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Anonymous said...

yupp. had bought a copy. i was crying when Lev reunited with his friend Rudy and later his family. It's so touching..


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