13 March 2009

Who Do Keep Their Clothes Longer - Men or Women?

I happened to have had a discussion with a friend of mine regarding who can actually keep their old clothes longer – men or women. We had both unanimously agreed that men do keep their clothes longer than women. Women usually tend to take their clothes off the hangers five to six months after they have bought them. Being constantly associated with shopping activities (Christmas shopping?), women might have to take some of their clothes out of the wardrobe to provide more space for new ones. 

There’s no question about that. As for me, I really do believe that I represent a majority of men on this. I do shopping every now and then but somehow buying new clothes is not really something that I get to do quite that often. I can only recall having bought an unprecedented five pairs of clothing in a single shopping trip and that was when I first started joining a company where the environment of my job would require me to dress formally. Another thing that amuses me these days is the fact that I bought more clothes back in my Uni days than I do now. 

Most of the casual clothes that I still wear nowadays are the ones that I bought back in my Uni days. Believe it or not, I still wear a few clothes that I bought 13 years ago! Obviously, they are older than most of my nephews and nieces. Ahaks! 

Okey. When it comes to buying new clothes, I’m not really into brands, but more on how comfortable I am being INSIDE them. And as long as they are wearable, they’ll be staying in my wardrobe and you can still see me putting them on quite occasionally. Check this out...

Diadora Reflex. Year Bought : 1996 , Sogo KL. Last used : Errrr, last year - to a Project visit. It's not suitable to be used under a sweltering hot sun.

Brand: Unknown, Year Bought : 2002, Kota Raya, was bought to me as a Birthday's present by my then gf. Has meant to ditch it when we broke up but what the heck, I liked it and I had no hard-feelings for her. I usually put it on to suit with my sleeveless T-shirts ( got quite a number of 'em) just in case I happen to bump into a situation where I need to dress up more properly then just the sleeveless and colarless T-shirts.

Brand: Unknown (Levi's?), Year Bought : Unknown but I've got a photo of me wearing it when I was at Form 4 (1994). So, it really has aged.
Brand: Unknown, Bought : Around 1994, I picked it up from one of the so-called Pasar Lambak stalls in Keningau. Last used : Errrr, I still use it quite frequently.

Brand: Mizuno, Year Bought : 1997, 1-Utama. One of my favourite casuals. It's cotton fabric and flexibility makes it so comfortable to wear. Last used : I still use it every now and then. In fact, I used it when I conquered Mount Kinabalu last year.

Brand : No Fear, Year Bought : 1997, Sungei Wang Plaza. Back at those times when it was purchased, the brand was dominating the local T-shirt industry. They were called the Tube, referring to it's non-stitched design. I had no idea why I bought an over-sized one, and decided later that it was too big for me and I ended up cutting off the sleeves and the bottom.

Brand: Unknown, Year Bought: 1998, actually got it for free when i briefly occupied 8th Residental College during my first year at the University of Malaya. I was later 'transfferred' to 9th R.C. after being told that there was a mistake in the students accomodation registry and a reshuffling was unavoidable. This one remains one of my favourite casual outfits, not because of the UM tag on it but somehow it feels so comfortable to put on. I've had the sleeves cut off to impose some rugged-looking on it. Ahaks!


chegu carol said...

nasib teda baju yg dr 1994...ekeke

Michelle said...

I am also not into brands when buying new clothes. The most important is how comfortable I am when I wear it. I also agree on what you're friend's discussion. Men usually keep their clothes and they wearing it even it is too old.

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