11 February 2009

Tune Hotels, 1 Borneo, Kota Kinabalu - A Quick Review

I am attending a 3-day course while I post this blog entry. Luckily the organizer has provided us with a full accommodation at the Tune Hotels, the so-called budget hotel operated by Air Asia. I’ve come to find out that it is not as ‘budget’ as I had expected. It is even better than most budget hotels that have stayed in before. The hotel room is dominated by some big-sized mirrors, probably to the intention of making it look bigger and more spacey than its quite small size. And I've always liked big mirrors. Hehe.

I’ve never seen any hotel room that is so white and sparkling. The bright white lighting makes it even more, well, white. I would have preferred it to be a little bit dimmer but don’t worry, you could always control the brightness of the room by switching off some of the lights. There are reading lights on both sides of the bed though. The bed and mattress are so comfortable to sleep on that I keep reminding myself not to get up late for the course. They put me in a windowless room so it is quite entrapping.

Well, one thing about Tune Hotels that you should know is that they tend to charge you extra on certain things. There’s a fan to take care of the ventilation but if you are an air-con kind of person, then you’ll have to pay at certain rate. So it is for a towel and bathing stuff.

They actually provide each room with a toilet towel but since I have brought with me my own towel, I had used that toilet towel as my foot-drying pad – and I wasn’t surprised when I found out it was already gone when I returned to my hotel room just now. Haha! Another thing that is worth mentioning about is that, you’ve got to pay some extra bucks even to watch TV and be reminded; they’re all hourly-rated.

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