31 January 2009

Sukau - Getting Close to Nature

I had always wanted to post some of the pictures that I took when I went to Sukau sometime in November last year. It remains one of my favorite place for get-away. We stayed at one of the most affordable places that we could find around (I wouldn't say the cheapest), which was one of the latest B&Bs in there. It's called The Greenview.

B&B has always been my favourite budgeting concepts, so it just fits well with what we were looking for. After all, we weren't there to get luxurious but more on the adventures that Sukau had to offer. The plan was to stay at the Sukau Tomanggong Riverview because it offers a good view of the rocky hills right from its veranda.

I had come to learn though that it had been put under the care of some Sandakan-based tourist agency. Surely enough, everything would have to come in packages and the price rating had balooned up. "We have upgraded from a B&B to a lodge now", as one of its housekeepers had said. "You have to make a reservation before you come here", he reinstated.

Well, we had no intention of using any of our bargaining skills on him because we believed there were always other options. But then he were the one who had recommended that we stayed at The Greenview B&B. And we should thank him for that because a B&B couldn't get any better that it is at The Greenview. The room is quite spacey and they actually provide extra mattresses and comforters for those who do not wish to pay extra for an extra room.

And believe me, they charge you all at reasonable prices. In fact, quite too cheap for an over-commercialized place like Sukau. The hospitality was superb that we didn't feel like stangers being around them at all. But then, people in Sukau are all friendly that you might get tired of waving back at them.

I had come to find out that there were quite a number of chalets and lodging houses in Sukau. Most of them are not meant for local tourists but the foreigners. I was told that an accomodation price in Sukau could get to as high as MYR 800 per night.

But then, not all of them are expensive. If you could make your time searching around a little, there are always other budget but comfortable places to stay in. One of the most recommended ones is The Greenview B&B. We know because we've been there.. Ahaks!

So, unlike my first trip to Sukau when I only took the morning river-cruising, we ventured taking a night trip this time. Well, my salutes should all go to the boat man who seemed to have the eyes of an eagle. I would say he had an extra-ordinary spotting skill that he could even easily spot a baby croc in the dark! And when I say a baby croc, it is only the size of those lizards that you usually find crawling on the walls of your house. And did I mention the boat was moving? I really was amazed... I mean, we all were...

Even the sleeping snake couldn't escape him.

Well, visiting Sukau on a rainy season has proved to be not really a good idea. The wild animals of which it was famously known for tend to stay away from the river when the water level is higher than the average. I was told that it is mostly recommended to come to Sukau between April to September - a dry period for Sukau.
But then, we were having fun. My favorite moment? It is when the break of dawn. People keep saying about morning glory, but the morning glory in Sukau is especially mesmerizing..

And you have not been to Sukau unless you have tried the river-cruising. Believe me, you GOTTA do it.
It is simply the best way of getting closest to nature.
I was so impressed with everything there was in Sukau that I wished I could stay there for at least one more week. In fact, I'd grown too fond of the place that I even applied to work there under the World Wildlife Fund - at least as a part-timer so that I always had a reason to keep coming back.

Somehow, my application was turned down.. :-(

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