06 January 2009

Good Bye 2008, Welcome 2009!

Leaving behind the 2008, and ushering in the new year of 2009 soon. But before that, just like every year, here comes.... Christmas!!!

Christmas is the most awaited time for the whole family every year. This year, we did it quite differently by celebrating Christmas at one of the most prominent hotels in my hometown of Keningau. Being the first of its kind, everybody was quite excited.

First, we had the karaoke session. And it had started too early. Even before the party had begun itself.

Then we had the foods. Errr, everybody's favourite part of the party.

Then more karaoke.

On to the hightlight of the night - our annual Christmas 'ritual' where everybody MUST participate- Sumayau, or dancing the traditional dance of Sumazau.

And the continuous photo-shooting. In fact, the kids are quite too used to being photographed that they really know how to pose in front of the camera.

 Now can't wait for the next Christmas. :-)

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