16 November 2008

Sabah Tea Garden

We wheeled off to the adjacent Sabah Tea Garden. We were welcome by a wide expanse of tea garden, covering at least a few sq kilometers of hilly and scenic area, and the scenery was so beautiful that I wondered why we didn’t go there straight away in the first place.
I used to think that Sabah Tea Garden was located somewhere in Kundasang. Even as I had been passing by the area since I started working in Sandakan last year and taking note of the Sabah Tea Garden signboard every time, I still thought it was only the factory in there and that the tea leaves were transported in from Kundasang.
I was apparently wrong, not only about the factory and the garden, but how worthy it was to make my time dropping by.
They’ve got a nice restaurant on top of one hill from where you could take a nice view of the whole tea garden. I had no idea that Sabah Tea Garden area was THAT big. I’ve been to Cameron Highland and I’m pretty sure that the Sabah Tea Garden area is bigger than the one they’ve got there.
One good thing about making a visit there is the opportunity of tasting the ‘unwrapped’ tea – it suits well with what they call ‘fresh from the garden’. The taste is purer and the smell is stronger. The frustration of getting nothing from the fish was instantly forgotten. Hehe.
When the group had finally arrived, we had another round of tea session before making a dash off to the meeting in Sapi Nangoh. It was another outstanding trip for me. Period.

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