20 September 2008

I Was Born Exactly 30 Years Ago..

It’s been eventful for the past couple of weeks. I spent many of the days with my family members and close relatives pending my grandma’s funeral. Somehow I felt it was something of an opportunity to refresh, or rather strengthen the bonding – and I got to get acquainted with relatives that I never knew were existed. I mean, I had no idea that my grandma actually had a younger brother that was still alive! Unbelievably true is the fact that after he got married, they’d never seen each other again, not until 22 years later! Wow. May be because back in those days, communication system was not as good as it is today and it took quite too much effort to arrange for a reunion. I could think of many reasons, but none of them can actually well-justify a good explanation as to why it took 22 long years for them to reunite again. I wonder how many uncles and aunties and cousins that I have yet to see.

Celebrating my 30th birthday tomorrow. While I’m acquiring myself a membership in the MO30 (Men Over Thirty) club, I had meant to celebrate it a little bit ‘bigger’ this time. I have come up with some exhilarating ideas – a BBQ with the family (perhaps, optional to a fine dinner at a fine restaurant), some karaoke session with the sisters, and probably some crazy night with my group of friends - But somehow, it falls exactly on the 7th day anniversary of my grandma’s death. Had to gather up my senses, and as an afterthought, I decided I still had the obligation to present myself at my grandma’s 7th day anniversary. Uhuks. May be I’ll just get a grab of probably a few bottles of wine and brought them over to my grandma’s 7th day anniversary. Will just make a good toast for me there then. Ahaks.

At least 12 days to go before I get to challenge my physical (and mental) resilience to the fullest by doing something I haven’t done for at least 12 years now – climbing the Mount Kinabalu! Jeez. Waking up tomorrow to be thirty, I’d still consider myself young and strong and energetic, but I’m much worried about my current stamina level. Haven’t done much exercise for the past few months and I doubt myself of being in a good shape of ever reaching the top of what is considered the highest peak in South East Asia. But then, although I still set my goal to set foot on it, I don’t put aside the possibility of being overly-exhausted and if that happens, I’ll just walk back to the base and keep enjoying my life. Ha ha.


Hombidai said...

welcome to MO30 club jipp... hahaha. Life begins at 40. But for me, life excelerate at from 30 boss... so, berhati-hati di jalan raya aaa..

Poppet said...

Happy Birthday to you...semoga panjang umur murah rezeki dan tercapai yg di idam-idamkan


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