01 February 2008

Felda Sahabat Resort, Lahad Datu

Just returned from Felda Sahabat in Lahad Datu. Situated furthest of the East corner of Sabah, the sun shine is said to touch down there before any other place in the whole Malaysia.
I stayed at the 3-star Felda Sahabat Resort and it was quite an old hotel. The room smells musty and funny.
Ok la, the surrounding was good, but I wished the hotel rooms were closer to the beach so that I could look directly to the ocean from the veranda of my hotel room. The beach was OK but it wasn’t a good place to swim at because the sand contained too much soil.
One of the travel buddies had put on a white singlet to swimming and found out that it had turned grayish when he stepped out of the water later! And it didn’t smell good too. Luckily there was this.
Good enough to turn the trip into a real vacation. :-)


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