08 October 2007

Kaniogan Island

I recently went to an Island called Kaniogan in Beluran of Sabah and despite the sweltering hot climate, plus the salty atmosphere crawling all over my sweating skin, I still took sometime to take some photos.
The Floating Kids

On the way to Kaniogan Island

Almost half of the fishing village was caught in fire in 2006, leaving almost 50 families homeless.

My first live encounter with a jelly fish. We got stuck in a shallow area for half an hour and we were left with no other option but getting off-board (well, some of us) to push the 20 feet boat back into the right path. Some sprinkling gesture had seemed to work well to scare this lethal thing off and mind to tell you, a mild contact with this thing can put you into a painful burning sensation. Some contacts have been known to send their victims instantly paralyzed. This thing is a damn beautiful creature though. It looks so.... flamboyant..

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