07 September 2007

My Trip to Tagas Tagas & Kolopis, Beluran + Dandulit, Sandakan

Oh yeah. Earlier this week, I happened to drive up to a place called Tagas-tagas in the district of Beluran. We were there to check out some potential project. I hadn’t quite expected it would be far off from the main road. Even to my ‘horror’, my nerves stirred as my driving skills were challenged as I drove the car onto a ferry that brought us across the river of Sugut. The entrance 'ramp' was quite dangerously narrow and a little bit of mistake of imbalance could send the car and all of us plunging into the growling river. Jeez.. I wished I was driving a kancil. It really was a nerve-wrecking experience. So, it was a first time experience to be highlighted.

Another place I went to was a fishing village called Kolopis. It was my second time there and the thing that fascinated me most about this village was its cleanliness. It was almost free from the usual garbage. The village could have simply made a good model to other fishing villages. It was a perfect day with a perfect weather. We took a small boat at the jetty to the other side of the river, changed the boatman before journeying through a small stream into a place called Kolopis Seberang. It was a place that was still largely unoccupied. Standing from a high point, I could see the sprawling estate and the Sulu Sea far in the distance. The place was so quite that all I could hear was my own heartbeat. It really was such a marvelous experience. So quite and peaceful.

Only yesterday, I 'escorted' my staff to a place called Dandulit. As we neared the place, I had almost lost my sense of direction. The usual Oil Palm plantation, through a series of kampungs and it was at the end of a road where it stopped at a private-owned beachside land. I had no idea Sandakan had a beautiful beach. It should be open to public but on the contrary, I was glad it was a private property. At least it was spared from the ever expanding squatters area.

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