27 January 2007

My Very First Entry

Yeah, just getting familiar with blogging stuffs. I'd consider myself a beginner. For a starter, I'd just put in something simple, something that simply describe a bit about my daily routine. So, please do not comment just yet, but I believe in the idea that Practice Makes Perfect. Chio Chio!

So, here are some pics of what I call my daily morning views. My own secret of recovering fast from a morning sickness is to look for a green scenery where my eyes can relax and get unleaden. Luckily I got all these right at the back of my residental area. Photos were taken from the balcony. They might be nice to see but swampy areas tend to produce unbearable foul smell especially at a rainy day's night and this one I have here is not anything exceptional. Well, I've gotten used to it by now I guess. In fact, I'm beginning to like the smell. Haha.

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